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The Registered Nursing Program at Lawson State is one of the most popular programs at the College. This highly ranked program is always in the Top 10 in the state and has been as high has #1 in the state several times. Indeed, Lawson State has a stellar reputation for building quality nurses. Heathcare is a high demand field. As such, students graduating with a RN Degree can anticipate high salaries that often have bonus offerings as well. Many nurses work in hospitals, clinics, heath facilities or enjoy even higher wages as a traveling nurse. And...according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average median salary for a nurse in the U.S. is $77,600.

Benefits of Choosing a Career as a Registered Nurse

Choosing a career path as a Registered Nurse can change your life and propell you to excel intellectually and financially.  Nurses are in high demand in the state and beyond.  There is currently a shortage in healthcare (especially following COVID), so this high demand career path will keep you engage.  Students interested in nursing, can expect to earn a competitive, high salary.  iIn fact, the median salary for Registered Nurses in the U.S is 75K.  Securing a registered nursing degree will qualify you to be serve in many healthcare capacities and specialities to include the following: registered nurse, traveling nurse, pediatric nurse, certified registered nurse anesthetist, nurse practictioner, nurse researcher, certified nurse midwife, nurse educator, nurse infomatics analyst, certified legal nurse consultant, clincial nurse specialist, certified dialysis nurse and more.  So, if you have a passion for care and want to give to others, become a nurse.

Our Registered Nursing Associate in Applied Science (AAS) two-year degree is 72 credit hours and will equip you to enter the job market skilled and employable.  To  increase your earning power, students should always continue their education to continue to grow and learn in their fields of study. Many nurses go on to earn their Bachelors and Masters degree.

Median U.S. salary for a Registered Nurse.  For more information on nursing salaries, conduct a web search. Salaries can vary per city and state.
Number of jobs available in the U.S. for this field--3 million in nursing.
Nursing has a 6% growth rate.  Meaning it is growing at a fast pace. 
Tiesha Finley
RN Graduate
The most rewarding part is looking back, seeing where I came from, and where I am now.  It's amazing to learn and experience
becoming a nurse. It gave me a sense of pride to be on this journey. You have to change the way you think in a critical way. You have to be kind and compassionate even in the tough times.
Explore a Career in Nursing.  There are no limits.


RN Application Process: Due January 15th (for Summer) or May 15th (for Fall) Admission by 11:59 pm CST



Lawson State has 2 admittance cycles for the RN program (RN-Day and RN-Evening):

Associate Degree Nursing (RN)--Cycles of Admittance (New Students)

RN Day Program: (Birmingham):
Lawson State Community College admits students to its RN day program two times per year, every fall, and summer.  

RN Evening Program: (Bessemer Campus):
Lawson State Community College admits students to its RN evening program one time per year, every fall.

Application into Lawson State's prestigious nursing program is competitive.  Although we recommend that all students apply to our programs, students meeting minimum requirements or seeking readmission are not guaranteed admission.  Students seeking admission should work to maintain the highest GPA possible and concentrate on a superb performance in all science classes, beginning with BIO103 (as a pre-nursing student).  Admission into Lawson's Nursing programs is based on your ranking against the criteria and your ranking against other students applying to the program.  Again, it is a competitive process.

Criteria (in terms of student selection) is established from assessing GPAs, student completion of pre-requisite courses, ACT exam outcomes, and grades achieved in Biology courses (and additional points awarded from HPS103 and MTH 186, if the student opts to take these courses). 

Each student is assessed by a Point System (The maximum number of points a student can obtain is 58 points.)

How to Calculate Your Application Points.  To Learn more, RN Advising Sheet

Score of 18 or higher on the ACT= 36 points 

ACT or ACT Residual Test- Maximum 36 points (This score is based on your individual ACT score).

Selected Required Coursework- Maximum 12 points 

  • ENG 101 English Composition:
  • A = 3 points, B = 2 points, C = 1 point, D/F = 0 points
  • MTH 100 or Higher Level:
  • A = 3 points, B = 2 points, C = 1 point, D/F = 0 points
  • BIO 201 Anatomy & Physiology I:
  • A = 3 points, B = 2 points, C = 1 point, D/F = 0 points
  • BIO 202 Anatomy & Physiology II:
  • A = 3 points, B = 2 points, C = 1 point, D/F = 0 points

Additional Points (OPTIONAL--Not Required) - Maximum 10 points

  • HPS 103 Foundation Competencies for Health Sciences:
  • A = 4 points, B = 3 points, C = 2 points, D/F = 0 points
  • MTH 186 Dosage Calculations:
  • A = 3 points, B = 2 points, C = 1 point, D/F = 0 points
  • BIO 103 Principles of Biology I (Required Pre-Req)
  • A = 3 points, B = 2 points, C = 1 point, D/F = 0 points

The first step to apply to the RN Program is to apply to the College.  Your status at Lawson must be Active. 

  • Submit your Lawson State Application
  • Submit your Unofficial Transcripts to the College (from all former colleges you have   attended).

If you have previously been accepted to LSCC, but have not attended the college for more than one semester; you may be required to complete a new application to the college and provide additional information.

Please check with the Admissions office before you complete the RN application to ensure your acceptance is Unconditional.

Before applying, ensure your Lawson State cumulative GPA is at least a 2.0.
Current or previous Lawson State students must a have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 at Lawson State or your most recent college GPA must be a 2.0 or higher.

Check your ACT score.  All applications must have a score of 18 or higher on the ACT to apply to the RN Program. A minimum score of 18 is required without exception (academic history and/or achievements cannot be considered in place of the ACT requirement).

ACT SuperScores of 18 or higher are accepted.

There is no expiration on test dates.

ACT On-Campus (formerly ACT Residual) scores MUST be from an Alabama Community College;

ACT On-Campus scores from any institution outside of the Alabama Community College System WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

ACT scores listed on college transcripts will not be accepted

NOTE:  All ACT scores are verified by the Admissions Office and ACT, Inc.  Falsifying of any records can and likely will lead to disciplinary action being sought up through suspension from the College.

Attached, please find the Pre-Nursing Advising Guidesheet.  Use this sheet to guide you prior to applying to the Nursing Program.

RN applicants must complete the following coursework.   Applicants must also maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.  The 2.5 GPA  is determined by four select pre-requisite courses, not all, The courses below with the * associated with them are used to establish the 2.5 GPA.  All other courses are calculated in the total GPA of the applicants.

General Education Pre-Reqs:

ORI101--Orientation to College (1 credit)

*ENG101--English Composition (3 credits)

*MTH100 or higher--Intermediate Algebra (3 credits)

SPH107--Public Speaking (3 credits)

Humanities/Fine Arts Elective (HUM101 or MUS101 or ART100 or THR120) (3 credits)

PSY200--General Psychology (3 credits)

PSY210--Human Growth and Development (3 credits)

BIO103--Principles of Biology--a pre-requisite for BIO201 (4 credits)

*BIO201--Anatomy and Physiology I w/lab (4 credits)

*BIO202--Anatomy and Physiology II w/lab (4 credits)

BIO220--Microbiology w/lab (4 credits). 

While, BIO220 does NOT have to be completed at the time of application, all students MUST be enrolled in the course at the time of application.  If a student fails BIO220, their acceptance in the program will be VOIDED.

EARN EXTRA POINTS:  "Get a leg up".You can earn extra points towards your application and ranking if you take one or more of the following Pre-Nursing recommended electives:

HPS103: Foundation Competencies for Health Sciences                                          Professions Foundations (3 credits)                                                 

MTH186: Medical Dosage Calculations (1 credit)

RECOMMENDED COURSE (no extra points awarded but course is recommended if you have availabilty to take it).  BIO120--Medical Terminology (2 credits)

Secure your UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT COPIES from ALL your college you have attended, including Lawson State for your RN application.  Do NOT leave any colleges out. 

You must upload ALL unofficial transcripts to your RN application regardless of whether or not they were previously submitted to the Admissions office (Including the Lawson State Community College transcripts).

We will NOT accept transfer credits listed on one transcript from a separate college; we need to see each transcript in its entirety. *It is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain copies of each transcript from each institution previously attended and upload them to the application by the deadline. Failure to do so, will VOID your application.

All ACT scores are verified and confirmed.  Secure a copy of your official ACT scores early in the process.  Contact ACT directly, and have your official scores sent/mailed to Lawson State's Admissions Department.  

Lawson State Community College                                                                                  ATTN:  Admissions Office (ACT Scores)                                                                              3060 Wilson Road, SW                                                                                            Birmingham, AL 35221

NOTE: All ACT scores are verified by Admissions and ACT, Inc.  Falsifying of any records can and likely will lead to disciplinary action being sought up through suspension from the College.

Submit your completed application with all required documents.  ONLY completed applications will be considered.


Click HERE to submit your application online by the deadline.  All applications MUST be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on the day it is due and include all required attachments (unofficial transcript copies, ACT scores, etc...).

For Summer Admissions, submit by January 15th.

For Fall Admissions, submit by May 15th.

NOTE:  Be sure to submit all required documents including ALL your unofficial transcripts and official ACT scores.  Falsifying of any records can and likely will lead to disciplinary action being sought up through suspension from the College.


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Birmingham Campus--East Campus (DAY RN Program)
Ethel Hall Building
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Bessemer Campus (EVENING RN Program)
Building "A", Room 110
1100 9th Avenue, SW
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Dr. Sherika Derico, Associate Dean of Health Professions

Dr. Katrina Swain, Chairperson, Registered Nursing