MyLawson (Employees)

MyLawson LogoMyLawson is your employee hub for information.  It is where you go for all internal operations related to you as an employe. Secure a copy of your pay stub, advise a student, submit leave or a requisition & more.  Email Login Button

MyLawson Login Directions & More


Use your same login credentials that you use for email at the college.

User Name:  Your full Email Address.  Example:

Password:  Your established password you set for email.

  • Update personnel information
  • Secure your payroll information
  • Secure your W2
  • Submit Leave
  • Approve Leave (if you are an administrator)
  • Post requisitions
  • Approve Requisitions (if you are an administrator)
  • View Student Records
  • View Degree Works during advising sessions
  • Track student progress via Degree Works towards degree completion
If you are getting an error message every time you try to login, clear your browsing history and cache on your computer and try again. If you continue to have login issues after that, contact the Help Desk for immediate assistance. Click here for assistance.

If you are experiencing login issues, contact the Help Desk by clicking here.