Alabama Transfers

Alabama Transfers LogoWhat is Alabama Transfers?

Alabama Transfers provides protections for students wishing to transfer their credits from a two-year community college to a four-year college of your choosing.  Students attending Lawson State can transfer up to 64 credits to their 4-year college.  So, whether its the University of Alabama, UAB, AAMU, Miles, Auburn or more, your courses (that you passed) will transfer as long as those classes are outlined as part of your Alabama Transfers degree plan map that you can print out.

They key is following your degree plan and taking classes that satisfy that degree.  

Look below for more information on Alabama Transfers and find out what specific courses you will need to take in order to graduate from one of their more than 100 Areas of Concentration.  Once you locate your discipline, print off a copy of the guide for your records.

Understanding Alabama Transfers


If you are a transfer student, you need a copy of your specific program of study (Area of Concentration) Alabama Transfer degree map that outlines what courses you need to take here at Lawson and what courses will transfer.

Printing the guide will protect you when you do eventually transfer to your 4-year college of choice.

Getting the your transfer guide is easy.  Click this link to access the Alabama Transfer page.  Once there, follow the prompts to "Get the Guide" and locate your program of study.  Alway print your guide and maintain a record of it for safekeeping.

The AL-Transfer Guide outlines five (5) areas (Areas I-V) and lists all of the required courses under your degree plan that you must take on the community college level. Each degree plan differs.  Again, you can transfer up to 64 credits to your 4-year college.

Area I:  Written Communications

Area II:  Humanties & Fine Arts

Area III:  Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Area IV:  History, Social and Behavioral Sciences

Area V: Pre-Professional--Covers Lawson requirements and your Pre-professional courses. Pre-professional courses are those courses specific to your program of study (Area of Concentration).  Sometimes, if your Area V course are not listed on your guide, you will need to explore your specific transfer college catalog.  The guide does provide links to all participating colleges to help you secure this information.

Community colleges don't call majors, majors.  They call them Areas of Concentration or Progams of Study.  If you seach the AL-Transfers website, and you do not see your Area of Concentration, no worrries.  Select General Science or Liberal Arts Studies instead.  Select General Studies if your intended major (at the 4-year college leans more towards the math or science area) or select Liberal Arts (if your intended 4-year major leans more in the non-science area).

Yes, you can print as many different Transfer Guides as you like, but remember, you cannot have dual majors at the community college level.  You have to select only ONE Area of concentratgion at Lwson State.