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Email LogoEmail is the main communication system at Lawson State. As a student, it is important that you check email daily for college-wide announcements, instructor communication, registration information, and more.  Lawson State does not recognize personal email accounts.  College information is only sent via Lawson's official email system.  For login directions and help information, view below.

NOTE:  Delivery to Lawson State employees using non-Lawson State external email services is not guaranteed.  Use your Lawson State email for all school-related communication.

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Email Login Directions & More


Use the Credentials detailed below to login your Lawson State email account.  

Default User Name:  Your Email User Name is your A-Number + (It is your full email address)

User Name EXAMPLE:

Default Password: Your Email password is the same password you use for MyLawson & Blackboard.  It is:  Exclamation point !+ LSCC + Date of birth [DDMMYY]  

Password EXAMPLE: !LSCC091502  [example if a student was born Sept. 15, 2002].  Do NOT forget the EXCLAMATION Point.  Use 2-digits for your birthdate.

NOTE:  Three incorrect login attempts will lock you out of email.

Students should NEVER assume privacy related to their Lawson State email. All accounts are managed and access is granted by Lawson State.  Your Lawson State email should only be used for professional and school-related correspondence.  Students engaged in online bullying via their Lawson State email accounts would fall under the Student Code of Conduct.  Student should never engage in online or email bullying and can be disciplined by the college if practicing such conduct.

Rule #1, regardless of who is asking, is NEVER share personal or private information via email.  NEVER DO IT regardless of who is requesting. 

Lawson State does NOT authorize any one access to it students to offer jobs, secure personal information, including scholarships (asking for application fees).  Please know that such phishing scams are trying to get your money or steal your identity.  They will even use our Logos, so ignore and delete such messages.

Never provide anyone you do not know access to your private or personal information or bank account information.  

People do not hire people from email.  These are phishing expeditions trying to get your money or steal your identity.  Delete such emails.  NEVER respond.

Watch the provided video to learn more about common phishing attempts in the U.S. aimed at getting access to your money illegally.

Popular Scams Targeting College Students:  Click here for article link.

If you are experiencing login issues, contact the Help Desk by clicking here.