Admissions Policies and Forms

Admission policies at Lawson State Community College are administered by the Division of Students Services, which operates under the direction of the Dean of Students and the Director of Admissions & Enrollment Management.

Admissions Policies & Procedures

The Office of Admissions and Enrollment Management, under the supervision of the Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management, is responsible for interpreting and implementing Alabama Community College System Board of Trustee Policies, as well as local policies in regard to the admission of students to the college.
801.01 Admission General
Complete your free general admissions application.  Click here to view our General Admissions Table and see what you must submit to complete your general admissions process.

The Board Policies and Chancellor's Procedures

Review the Lawson State General Polices for college admissions.

Lawson State Admissions Forms 


Form used to determine initial High School Accelerated Enrollment student eligibility


Form for re-admitted/transfer students applying to Lawson State and currently serving a suspension from another college/university 


Form used to demonstrate eligibility for in-state residency status


Form used to determine initial High School Dual Enrollment student eligibility


Used to ensure enrolled DE students understand semester class and enrollment requirements. Dual Enrollment Acknowledgement Form

Used to request your GED score report (Only for those taken in Alabama to be sent to LSCC.) - Admissions can assist you.  Please contact
Ms. Streety at 205-929-3415. GED Score Report Request

In compliance with the Immigration and Naturalization Service regulations and as a part of the College's admission process, all foreign transfer students are required to submit the following clearance statement with the admission application to Lawson State Community College. 

International Student Transfer / Transient Clearance Form

Affidavit of financial support for International Students. Must be notarized 

International Affidavit of Financial Support

International student applicant must have notarized copy of medical history form mailed to Admissions Office.

International Student Medical History Form

Used to validate that an international student applicant has received all required immunizations. 

International Student Proof of Immunization Form

Used to request 1 free course based on acquisition of GED on or after July 1, 2002. 

Request for Free Course Due to GED Acquisition

To request that a Lawson State Community College transient approval letter be forwarded to another institution.

Transient Letter Request Form

Next Steps

Once you've been accepted, follow these steps to complete the enrollment process.
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Explore the different payment options available to finance your education.
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Once accepted, connect with an advisor and begin the class registration process.
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Complete your My Lawson New Student Orientation modules and schedule to attend Lawson New Student Connection Days on campus.


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Reach out to us with any questions, comments, or concerns as you move through the application process.


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