eCollege logoEnroll in Lawson State's eCollege. eCollege is our online learning program, so you can take classes online without coming to campus. 

Lawson State offers full online courses that are designed for students to access the course 24/7 (from any location) and pace out their weekly work.  We also offer virtual classes.  Virtual classes are classes that are taught online via video streaming services. The instructor and students meet on specific days and times, but they do so virtually via video streaming.

So, if work or family schedules conflict with on-campus courses, you don't have to give up important responsibilities to pursue your education.  Take your classes online or via virtual means.

Flexible Learning Opportunities

Online courses are designed to fit your schedule while still giving you the knowledge and tools you need to succeed. 

The virtual learning experience is easy. My teachers make it feel like we're still in a classroom. The online/virtual experience at Lawson State Community College is one of the things I like most about the institution.

eCollege courses are delivered virtually or online giving you more flexibility with your schedule. Our instructors utilize various methods of communication to conduct these courses, such as smart technologies, social networking, threaded discussions, email, web conferencing, and audio or video lectures. 

Types of eCollege Classes

Online Class

Taking an online class means 100% of your course materials, directions, information, materials, lectures, assignments, textbooks, labs, and other information are online. These classes are conducted asynchronously. This means there are no in-person class meetings, so you can complete the coursework online and access to course material is 24-7. Most online coursework is grouped into weekly units with specific due dates. Third-party vendors virtually proctor tests. Additional online fees do apply. 

The time spent within an online class is concentrated and equal to the amount of time you would spend in a regular class. Make no mistake - taking an online class is time-consuming and requires your commitment in order to pass. But you have the freedom and flexibility to complete your coursework whenever you want.

Virtual & Flex Classes

Virtual classes meet online during regularly scheduled days and times using virtual conferencing tools (e.g. Blackboard Collaborate, Zoom). Taking a virtual class means 100% of your course materials, directions, information, lectures, assignments, textbooks, labs, and other information are online. Lectures occur virtually via streaming means, and you are expected to attend all sessions at the scheduled time. Third-party vendors proctor tests. Additional online fees do apply. You will still be able to access course material 24-7.

Flex classes are traditional ground classes that provide students with virtual options to join class from home when needed. Instructors teach from the class, but students can join in virtually by way of video streaming tools like Zoom.

Get the Facts about eLearning

Frequently Asked Questions about eLearning at Lawson State:  Get answers to online and virtual learning and eCollege questions. If you don't see your question, reach out to us. 

If you are considering taking online or virtual courses, it's important that you have the following characteristics:

  1. Strong technical skills and patience
  2. Strong written skills
  3. Strong reader
  4. Self-directed
  5. Organized
  6. Effective time manager
  7. Good at following written directions

If you're not sure, take this self-assessment Online Learning Readiness Test.

You don't have to do anything differently in registering for online courses. The registration process is the same. The only thing you need to do is make sure you have selected a course that says WEB course under the electronic schedule index. If you do not see the class listed as WEB, then the class is held in person, on campus. Be sure when selecting classes that you differentiate between virtual or online, for they do differ and have different requirements.

Yes. Lawson State offers two completely online degree programs:  Business and Business Education.

Online courses are available for other majors. Although you cannot take your full degree online, you can take a few General Education courses that are offered online (i.e., Psychology 200, English 101, History 101, etc.).

You need the following to take an online course:

  • Personal computer or laptop (NOT an iPad or phone or tablet)
  • Microsoft Word (other applications may be required per course)
  • Reliable and dependable Internet access (24/7)
  • Portable (attachable) camera for two proctored exams (built-in camera within a computer is not sufficient). Your camera MUST be attachable/detachable. 
  • Audio headset with microphone. 
  • Your textbook 
  • Any other additional support or software required for the class as outlined in the syllabus

We do not recommend using an iPad or tablet or phone for online classes. iPads, phones, and tablets are limited and not fully compatible with Blackboard tools, applications, animations, and multimedia. Again, don't attempt to take an eCollege class with an iPad, phone, or tablet.


No. Actually, they can be a little more demanding because of the time you need to invest in reading information and producing weekly work per unit. The content and rigor are the same, but the time investment may prove to be quite substantial. Thus, we do not recommend online courses for students who are not academically sound or ready. It takes commitment to do well in an online course. 

Yes, the college offers 24/7 access to tutors in over 500 subjects via services.  Login to any of your Blackboard courses to access free services. is open 362 days out of the year.

Yes. There is a $50 testing fee per course for all online and virtual courses. Go to Tuition & Fees for more information.

You may also be expected to pay for any required software, applications, equipment, or labs related to taking an online course. Equipment and materials vary per course. 

Your materials for your class are found on Blackboard. Access to your course materials begins on the first day of classes. Login to Blackboard on the first day of classes and begin working on your Unit 1 assignments. You will not be able to see the course materials before the first day. The first unit of all eCollege courses is always comprehensive, so do not delay. 

All tests and quizzes and assignments are given online. In most online and virtual classes, the mid-term and final exams are proctored, meaning the tests are monitored by a "live" person via a video webcam. The proctoring is conducted by a third party vendor that specializes in online test proctoring and identification authentication. 

When you take a proctored exam, you will have to show a photo ID and several authenticating questions will be posed to you to ensure that the person registered for the class is actually the person taking the exam. 

You can email your instructor via your Blackboard course. Be sure to check your Lawson State email for a response. 

eCollege instructors do NOT recognize non-Lawson State email accounts.

Complaints or Concerns:  Student complaints are handled in the same way for ground and online students.  If you have a concern or complaint, click on Current Students and submit an online concern via the complaint portal.

Distance Learning Complaint Process for Out of State Students: Lawson State Community College desires to resolve student grievances, complaints and concerns in an expeditious, fair and amicable manner. Students residing outside of the State of Alabama while attending LSCC who desire to resolve a grievance should follow the College's Student Grievance Procedure as outlined in the "Lawson State Community College Catalog and Student Handbook".  However, if follow the college's process and you are still dissatisfied, you may file a complaint with your State. The Student Grievance Contact Information for Individual States provides phone numbers, emails and/or links to state education agencies.

Required DOWNLOADS and Purchases for All eCollege (Distance Education) Students:  
Complete All Required Downloads & Outlined Requirements (as listed below) by the MIS Department. 

Personal Computer, Equipment & Microsoft Word Requirement (for eCollege Students): 
All eCollege students are responsible for having access to either a desktop or laptop computer 24/7.  If you do not have reliable and timely access to a personal computer, we strongly encourage you to take a ground (face-to-face) course.  If you are Pell student, you can easily secure a laptop via the bookstore using your Pell funds.  Or, you can purchase a laptop from reliable retailers like Walmart, Office Depot, Staples, Kmart, Sams Club, Costco, and more.  
Sorry--no iPads or iPhones.  DO NOT attempt to take an eCollege course with an iPad or iPhone, for you will be faced with limited access to course functions and/or multimedia.   You need a computer.  Also, do not attempt to take an eCollege course solely dependent on library computers.  Library computers may not have all of the required downloads below and are not available to you 24/7.  Further, you WILL NOT be able to download required applications on these computers.  Enroll in a ground course if you do not have access to a reliable computer 24./7.

If you are taking a distance education (online) course, you MUST use Microsoft Word to submit all written work.  No other programs (Word Pad, etc.) are acceptable.  Most computers come with Microsoft Word already installed; however, if you computer does not have Microsoft Word or Microsoft Office products, you will need to purchase this software.  This software can be very expensive.  However, because you are a student, Microsoft offers a University Microsoft Word product for a discount price of $79.99.  Click on the icon to purchase and download it directly to your desktop or laptop now, If you do not have this software.

All eCollege courses require the instructor to administer two proctored exams--the mid-term and final exam.  The institution uses ProctorU to administer these exams.  You will need a detachable/attachable camera in order to be proctored or a camera that can sit on top of you computer (if you have an older-style monitor).  If you have a built in camera on your laptop, that will not work.  The proctor will require you to detach the camera during the proctoring of your exam to scan your testing environment, so it must be a camera that can be removed and then reattached during testing.  These cameras are sold in the Lawson State bookstore on either campus, or, of course, you can purchase them from any major retailer like Walmart, Office Depot, etc., for under $10 (at Walmart) or under $15 at other locations.  You will only need to purchase a camera one time, for it can be used over and over again as you take additional eCollege courses.

Download each application to your computer if you plan on taking distance (online) education classes at Lawson State: 
All eCollege students are responsible for having access to either a desktop or laptop computer.  If you do not have reliable and timely access to a personal computer, we strongly encourage you to take a ground (face-to-face) course.   Also, DO NOT attempt to take an eCollege course with an iPad or iPhone, for there may be limited access to course functions and or multimedia.   You need a computer.  Also, do not attempt to take an eCollege course dependent on library computers.  You be able to download required applications on these computers.  Again, enroll in a ground course if you do not have access to a reliable computer 24./7.  Google Chrome :Internet search engine that is compatible with Blackboard. Do NOT use Internet Explorer with Blackboard.)

NOTE:  The MIS Department of Lawson State requires the downloading of ALL multimedia players listed below as well as other compatible system downloads.  The span of players enables eCollege students to view all videos and animations they may encounter in their etextbooks, via external links and via Mashup (YouTube) within all eCollege courses.  

Reach out to us!

If you have questions about eCollege, online, or virtual learning, call, email, or stop by.


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