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The Application Process

Follow these steps to begin the general admissions application process. Lawson State is currently accepting applicants for the Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 semester
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Transient Student - A student enrolled at another college or university who is taking classes at Lawson State for the express purpose of transferring back to the home college or university.
Transient Letter: (aka "Letter of Good Standing") with the approved courses listed and the appropriate signatures from your home institution. Applicants can submit their transient letter to the Lawson State Office of Admissions & Enrollment Services by Logging back into your Lawson State Application portal or through email or mail. 

For continuous enrollment, Transient students will need to submit a transient letter for each term they plan to enroll.

Contact the Office of Admissions & Enrollment Services for questions.


Next Steps

Once you've been accepted, follow these steps to complete the enrollment process.
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Explore the different payment options available to finance your education.
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Once accepted, connect with an advisor and begin the class registration process.
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Complete your My Lawson New Student Orientation modules and schedule to attend Lawson New Student Connection Days on campus.


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Reach out to us with any questions, comments, or concerns as you move through the application process.


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