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grad picLawson State's College Transfer Division is its largest and most popular program.  Students complete their first two years at Lawson State and transfer up to 64 credits to their 4-year college of choice.  Indeed, our College Transfer Programs keep you "on the right track", so your credits can easily transfer to Auburn, Alabama A&M, Samford, Alabama, Tuskegee and many more.  Students are majoring in either General Studies or Liberal Arts and select an Area of Concentration (e.g., Biology, English, Education, Engineering, etc...) for transfer purposes only.  These are not majors at the community college level; they are areas of concentration that "tracked to align" with four year college majors.

The state of Alabama has made transferring from a two-year college to a four-year college easy through its "Alabama Transfers" platform.  This platform protects and safeguards your credits and allows you to select your current two-year college and transferring college and map out what classes you need to take.  Follow these transfer tracks and see your credits transfer with ease.

Students seeking degrees within College Transfer graduate with a transferable AA (Associate of Arts) degree or with an AS (Associate in Science) degree.

If you plan on transferring, enroll in one of our College Transfer Programs today!  

Alabama Transfers
Save thousands of dollars by taking your first two years of course work at Lawson State and then transfer up to 64 credits to the 4-year university of your choosing. Alabama Transfers protects your investment by securing a seamless transfer of your credits earned to major universities in Alabama and beyond. Do the smart money and complete your first two-years of your four-year degree with us. You will also benefit from smaller class sizes, flexible schedule options and excellent instructors.
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Statewide Transfer & Articulation Reporting System
If you plan on transferring to a four-year school in Alabama, Alabama Transfer guides you through your first two years of coursework to make transferring easy. Alabama Transfer ensures your credits transfer, so your time and money do not go to waste. Get started using Alabama Transfer today.
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The National Science Foundation's HBCU-UP
Lawson State Community College is committed to increasing the number of students who gain an interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and maintain an interest in STEM by replicating effective, evidence-based practices for recruitment and retention.  Lawson State Community College, home to the only Center of Excellence in STEM in the state of Alabama, was awarded several grants that contribute to a strong STEM foundation at the College and a strong STEM presence at the state level. Lawson State has gained invaluable insight of systems that work best for STEM students, particularly those in groups historically, underrepresented in STEM fields, through a myriad of evaluative mechanisms and practices. These practices have the impact of increasing the quantity and quality of graduates receiving STEM degrees at Lawson State while preparing these graduates for successful transfer to four-year institutions.