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Please review the listing of faculty resources designed to help aid you as a faculty member here at Lawson State.  Have a suggestion for us to add, please email us at help@lawsonstate.edu, and we will be happy to add it to this listing.

Faculty Resources & eTraining Listing.   Scroll down for Staff Resources.

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Use this portal to access all Strategic Planning (TAP) documents. You can also draft, save, print and submit them as well.

Unit Planning Documents Student Learning Outcomes  Unit Narrative
Unit Plan #1--Access, Saving and Submitting SLO #1--Access, Saving and Submitting Unit Narrative Form--Access, Saving and Submitting
Unit Plan #2--Access, Saving and Submitting SLO #2--Access, Saving and Submitting  
Unit Plan #3--Access, Saving and Submitting SLO #3--Access, Saving and Submitting  

How to Access "MY FORMS"..."My DRAFTS" after you start working on a report:

Need to work on one of your drafts?

Follow the steps to your right to locate your documents.

Step 1: Login "Your Drafts".

Step 2: Click on "My Forms" (top right corner of the page

Step 3: Select "Pending Draft Forms"

Step 4: A list of your DRAFTS will populate the screen.

Step 5: Look to the far right and click on "ACTION" then "COMPLETE FORM".  This will activate your Draft.

Need More Help in Accessing Your Drafts?

Watch the video below.

Tutorial on Locating My Drafts


If you are in need of specialized training to enhance your job-related skills here at Lawson State, contact CTEL for assistance.  Email us at help@lawsonstate.edu to submit your request.  

Examples:  Instructor would like additional Canvas or Blackboard training.  Staff member needs additional training in Excel, Access, Publisher, etc...

Screencast-O-Matic Tutorial and Setup (video and web)

Google Voice
How Google Voice Works (Tutorial)

Staff eTraining Resources

Secure Staff Training Resources below.  If you do not see what you are looking for, email us at help@lawsonstate.edu