Clubs and Organizations

Find your place at Lawson State beyond the classroom. Enhance your college experience by joining a club, playing on one of our intramural sports teams, or participating in community service. Find what interests you and get involved!



Engage with the Lawson State Community

There's much more to college than attending class. Find opportunities to get involved outside the classroom and bond with your LSCC peers.
Zoe Evans
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Class of '22, Biology
Lawson helped me achieve my goals by offering a variety of different organizations where I could meet the best of the best to help me reach my ultimate goals in life.
Form lifelong friendships and invaluable network connections through our clubs and organizations.
Opportunities for Everyone

Do What You Love at LSCC

Meet new friends. Stay connected. Have fun! Find what piques your interest and get involved.

Be a Leader

Take part in one of these opportunities to be a leader amongst the student body and grow as an individual.
Get a Say in Student Life
As a member of the Student Government Association, you are the connection between the student body and the administration. Get a say in student activities by running for student government.
Say Yes to an Honorable Opportunity
As a high-achieving student, you may be asked to join an honor society based on your program. Honor societies are a great way of building your resume and amplifying your network.
Take a Part in LSCC Tradition
Miss Lawson State and Court honors our high-achieving women in a ceremony and night of dancing, good food, and fun. Show your best self by competing for Miss Lawson State.
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