Public Relations

The mission of Lawson State Community College Office of Public Relations is to facilitate communication, both internally and externally, in a reliable, ethical, and resourceful manner.

The office is committed to developing and maintaining a positive image of the College by promoting the educational programs and services of the College to the external and internal publics.


Office of Public Relations & External Relations

Public Relations and Community Affairs at Lawson State Community College is the central informational point of contact for the College, news media and general public and serves to inform the publics about the various programs, activities and services of the College. The Office of Public Relations facilitates communication in a reliable, ethical, and resourceful manner and is committed to developing and maintaining a positive image of the College by promoting the educational programs and services of the College to the external and internal publics. 

The Public Relations Office also serves as gatekeeper for the release of information to the media and other external audiences. The Public Relations Office produces news releases, media advisories, internal communications and promotional material distributed by Lawson State Community College.

The PR Office works with all media outlets (print, broadcast, and digital), including local, state, national and international media. It is responsible for building relationships with news and media professionals, disseminating press releases, addressing reporter inquiries, organizing media interviews and media appearances, and assisting the media at college events.

College staff members who are contacted by news reporters or other media officials should contact Dr.Geri H. Albright at 205-789-5211 before speaking to the press or disseminating college-related information to the media.

Prior authorization from the Public Relations Office is required for media representatives to engage in photography, filming, or interviewing of students, professors, or administrators on campus. 

"Membership Is A Privilege"

As a service-oriented organization and student public relations team, the Lawson State Community College Ambassadors provide hours of assistance to the college and the community. As beacons of Lawson State, the Ambassadors create an image of opportunity and serve as examples for fellow students, both academically and socially. In addition, the Ambassadors promote excellence and represent Lawson State with pride at all times.


Who Are We and What Do We Do?                     

Lawson State Community College Ambassadors - An organization where membership definitely has its privileges. To learn more about the organization take a look at our Brochure and if you feel that you can be a compliment to the organization, please fill out an Application and submit it to the Office of Public Relations (Birmingham East Campus) or by email:

The Office of Public Relations produces various publications representing the College to inform the college and community of events and activities at Lawson State Community College. These include program literature, annuals, newsletters, news briefs, email campaigns, and college-related social media content. For questions or story ideas, contact the PR/CA Office.

The Speakers Bureau of Lawson State Community College offers a varying range of information to be shared with media, businesses, community organizations, churches and schools. Lawson State offers the Speakers Bureau as a community service and welcomes the opportunity for its participants to speak and share knowledge and views on issues of concern.

Requests should be submitted at least two weeks prior to your preferred presentation date. Beyond that, consideration will be honored based on the availability of the expert. If you are interested in a topic that you do not see listed here, please contact us and we will be happy to determine whether there is someone who can speak to your topic.

To schedule, contact the participant at the telephone number or e-mail address listed or contact the Office of Public Relations and Community Affairs at (205) 929-6315 or (205) 929-6399 to arrange an interview or presentation.

When e-mailing, please include the following:

Topic desired;

  • Name of your organization or group;
  • Date, time, and location of meeting;
  • Approximate number of persons expected to be attending the meeting or in the audience;
  • Composition of audience (men, women, teenagers, senior citizens, etc.) and their special interests; and
  • Name and phone number of the contact person in the organization.

For more information about the Lawson State Speakers Bureau, contact Dr. Geri Albright at (205) 929-6315 or

Social media marketing opens up a world of possibilities to be able to connect and share a variety of information with a massive amount of people on platforms in which they are already using daily. Social media allows for two-way communication between institutions and individuals. This affords the option for people to share their thoughts, opinions and suggestions, to their peers, those in positions of power and the general public.

Lawson State Community College uses the unique opportunity that social media offers to enhance branding efforts, and build a strong sense of community for its students, faculty, staff, alumni and others who are interested in the college. Lawson State Community College provides detailed updates on the college including but not limited to registration, important dates and deadlines, new programs being offered, upcoming events and more. The mostly commonly used social media platforms at Lawson State Community College are Instagram and Facebook.

Faculty, staff and students can use the Submit News Form to submit items to be considered for one or more of the following:

Please submit the form as far in advance as possible in order to give staff time to review, edit, follow up and publish or distribute the item in a timely manner.

Submissions made using this form are not added to the Lawson State Events Calendar. To submit an event for the calendar, use the event submission form.

For follow up questions about your submitted item, contact

Lawson State Community College Foundation staff members are deeply committed to our mission and we are happy to hear from others who share their enthusiasm or would like to learn more about supporting Lawson State Community College-area students.


Director of Public Relations

Dr. Geri Albright

Phone: 205-929-6315



Public Relations Assistant

Lola J. Bryant

Phone: 205-929-6399



Media & Marketing Specialist

Tiffany S. Garner

Phone: 205-929-6360



Web Manager/AV Tech

Monica Washington

Phone: 205-929-6399



Office Hours:
8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Office Address:
The Office of Public Relations, Building M
3060 Wilson Road, SW
Birmingham, Alabama 35221