Lawson State Community College is approved by the Alabama State Approving Agency (SAA) to offer VA Educational Benefits (GI Bill®) to eligible individuals enrolled in approved programs. These are general guidelines that will help the process. However, you should check with the specific location you will attend. Contact information is at the end of this page. Click on each bulleted item for more information.

Veterans Benefits Information

Please use the below information to navigate the admissions and enrollment process as a Veteran. 

Complete an application for regular student status and submit to the Admissions Office.

1. Select a program of study (a requirement for VA benefits.)
2. Submit a copy of your high school transcript.
3. Take the placement exam.
4. Submit official college transcripts from all other institutions.  This form may help you when requesting a GED score report based upon a GED you earned while in the military or a DD214 for form 13038 or transcripts of military training / learning experiences. 

Only students who have  been officially admitted by Lawson State may register.
Academic Advisors and Counselors will assist in planning a class schedule for incoming students. Only those courses within the student’s program of study are eligible to count toward enrollment certification of veterans benefits.
When Registration has been completed, tuition and fees paid, your enrollment will be certified to the Department of Veterans Affairs for applicable courses.

1. Students receiving VA benefits may select any program offered at Lawson State Community College, including our GED program, upon approval from the Veterans Services Office. Only one program of study may be pursued and certified for enrollment at any one time. If the veteran decides to major in two programs at the same time, only the courses leading to the approved degree program will be certified. The Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) will not pay for courses that are taken under an unapproved program.

2. Veterans may change a program of study and continue to receive benefits if the new program is approved by DVA.

The Department of Veterans Affairs encourages students receiving veterans' benefits to attend all scheduled classes. Failure of a class due to poor or non- attendance may result in the loss of benefits and/or an overpayment of  veterans benefits already received for the course (s) in which a grade of F was assigned.  Students enrolled in a Certificate program must satisfy the Department of Veterans Affairs 85% attendance policy.

The following must be submitted for the certification process to begin.  It is the veteran's responsibility to assemble all needed materials and submit them to the Institution's Veterans Services Office. 

Applicants Under Chapters 30, 32, 34 (LSCC does not participate in the new VRRAP training program)
1. New applicants complete VA Form 22-1990 or or online application via VONAPP,
2. Transfer students must complete VA Form 22-1995 and,
3. Submit copy of: DD214 - Report of Separation (Member 4 copy)
4. Veterans eligible for CH34 benefits (entered service 1977 or earlier) also submit copies of:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Birth certificates of dependent children
  • Divorce decrees


Chapter 33 is an educational benefit program ranging from 40% to 100% eligibility, for individuals who served on active duty on or after September 11, 2001. The effective start date for Chapter 33 was August 1, 2009. There are two benefit programs under Chapter 33:
    1.  Post 911 GI Bill® - for eligible individuals who served on active duty after September 10, 2001; and
    2.  Marine Gunnery Sergeant John David Fry Scholarship - for children of service members who die in the line of duty after September 10, 2001.

CH 33 allows for the following benefits for students:
1. A tuition and fee benefit paid directly to Lawson State;
2. A monthly housing allowance provided to the student - based on zip code of institution;
        (One - half the BAH national average for student training solely by distance learning - totally online)
3. A book stipend of up to $1,000 per academic year;
4. And in some cases, a one time rural benefit payment - (does not include Fry scholarship recipients).

Lawson State does not participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program 
    "Tuition rates fall within the national maximum per academic year for the GI Bill®"

1. Eligible tuition and fees are paid directly to the institution;

2. Benefits can be transferred to a dependent - Must be 18 or older;

3. The  Post 911 GI Bill® includes active service as a National Guard member under title 32 U.S. C. for the purpose of organizing, administering, recruiting, instructing, or training and active servce under section 502(f) of title 32 for the purpose of responding to a national emergency.

4. BAH is not payable to individuals on active duty or those enrolled at half time (Six credit hours or less). Students are paid to students enrolled at least eight credit hours.

1. New applicants complete VA Form 22-5490 or,
2. Transfer students complete VA Form 22-5495 and,
3. Provide Veterans VA File Number (Not the Student's SS#).

1. New applicants complete VA Form 22-1990- or,
2. Transfer students complete VA Form 22-1995 and,
3. Submit copy of DD2384 -Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE).

The best way to apply for your education benefits is online at
You can also apply for education benefits by doing any of the following options:

  • Visit your nearest VA regional benefit office or the Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs local office to apply in person.
  • Consult with the VA School Certifying Official in our Student Financial Services office on either the Bessemer or the Birmingham campus. 
  • Call 1-888-GI BILL-1 (888-442-4551) to have the application mailed to you.

Visit the VA Education and Training website for more information education benefits.

Submit the following to our office:
1. Certificate of Eligibility or Copy of Application or Change of School Information Form;
2. Signed Statement of Understanding - (Obtained from Institution)


The first check should arrive  six to eight weeks after the first day of classes or later if the veteran should apply for certification after classes begin or if there is a delay in tuition payment to the institution. 

Information about qualifying pay rates and payment dates for Chapter 30, 34, 35, 32 and 1606/1607 is made available to the student by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Student may also obtain information via the Education and Training site:  Rate Tables .

If you receive the Montgomery GI Bill® Chapter 30 or Chapter 1606/1607, you must verify your attendance at the end of each month, or at the end of a term, before payment is processed. You will not receive payment until VA receives your verification.  You may do so via the automated telephone system at 1-877-823-2378 or via the Education and Training site - Enrollment Verification at Enrollment Verification.

Veterans planning to enroll in mini-terms, or a combination of full semester and mini-terms, may want to contact the Veterans Affairs Office to determine their training status.

The maximum amount paid for Tuition Assistance: Up to 100% Tuition and Fees

Not to exceed:

  • $250 @ Semester Credit Hour, or
  • $166 @ Quarter Credit Hour, and
  • $4500 @ Fiscal Year

Direct Deposit

Address and direct deposit information must be kept current. Chapter 30, 1606 & 1607 students can use the WAVE system to update address and financial institution information. Links to do so are on the "Main Menu" available after you log onto WAVE.

If a student wants to start (Chapter 30, 33, 35, 1606, and 1607) or change a direct deposit, the student should have his or her account information handy. The following information is needed to set up direct deposit and can be found on checks and bank statements:

• Account number

• 9 digit bank routing number

• Type of account (checking or savings)

If a student has direct deposit the student still needs to keep his or her address current because all other correspondence including award letters are mailed to the student's address.

All other students can call 1-877-838-2778 to begin and change direct deposit.

DVA may NOT pay educational benefits if one of the following should occur:

1.The veteran registers for classes that are not required for the student's declared program of study. Depending on circumstances, deficiency or remedial courses may be certified for benefits.

2.The veteran fails to submit all previous college transcripts for evaluation.

3.The veteran registers for two or more courses and receives a grade of "F" for all courses for one semester.

4.The veteran fails to convert an “I” grade to a letter grade within the institution's required deadline.

6.The veteran fails to achieve the minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 for two consecutive semesters or sessions.

A student will be placed on academic probation during the first semester or session the minimum cumulative GPA is not achieved. By the end of the probation semester, the student must attain the minimum cumulative GPA.

All questions concerning child and/or spouse eligibility can be located at the Department of Veterans Affairs at: or you may call toll free at 1 (888) 442-4551.

Military Tuition Assistance

A.  Alabama National Guard Educational Assistance Program (ANGEAP)

When funded by the State of Alabama, the program may provide benefits for tuition to Army or Air Guardsmen.  Applications may be obtained at:  ANGEAP APPLICATION

The form will be completed by the Veteran’s assistant, and submitted to the applicable unit, who reviews form, and forwards to the Alabama Commission on Higher Education. Once application has been reviewed and approved, a refund check for up to $5,232 per semester is remitted to the institution on behalf of the student for reimbursement to the student or for payment on the student account.

B. Army Tuition Assistance ProgramArmy Tuition Assistance (TA) provides financial assistance for voluntary off-duty education programs in support of a soldier's professional and personal self-development goals. The program is open to nearly all soldiers (officers, warrant officers, enlisted) on active duty, and Army National Guard and Army Reserve on active duty. There are some restrictions as to who may use Army Tuition Assistance and what courses it can be used for. 

C. Air Force Tuition Assistance:  The Air Force offers airmen several programs to support their voluntary education goals including 100% Tuition Assistance for college courses taken during off-duty hours.

Air Force Tuition Assistance (TA) is an important quality of life program that provides 100% tuition and fees for courses taken by active duty personnel. The program is one of the most frequent reasons given for enlisting and re-enlisting in the Air Force.

D.  Navy/Marines Tuition Assistance:   Tuition Assistance (TA) is the Navy's educational financial assistance program. It provides active duty personnel funding for tuition costs for courses taken in an off-duty status at a college, university or vocational/technical institution, whose regional or national accreditation is recognized by the Department of Education. Navy TA pays for both classroom and independent study/distance learning courses, regardless of course length. Courses must be offered in Semester Hours, Quarter Hours, or Clock Hours. The credit earned must show on the institution's transcript.

All Navy Tuition Assistance pays up-front the tuition and fees charged by educational institutions for course enrollments. Navy TA pays 100% of tuition costs for courses applicable to the completion of a high school diploma or equivalency certificate. For other education levels, there is a fiscal year credit limit of 16 Semester Hours, 24 Quarter Hours, or 240 Clock Hours per individual. (Waiver requests cannot exceed the FY $4500 DoD program limit.)