Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
about Residential Housing

 How many residence halls (dorms) does Lawson State has?
Currently, there are three (3) residence halls. They are located on the Birmingham (East) Campus.

Where do I mail my housing application and fee?
You should mail your application and a cashier’s check or money order for the $200 non-refundable application fee to:

Lawson State Community College

Business Affairs Office

3060 Wilson Road

Birmingham, AL 35221

How can I check the status of my application?
You may contact The Office of Student Life at 205-929-6352 for application processing.  You may also contact the Office by email at   

Is the $200.00 non- refundable application fee a deposit that has to be paid each year?
The application processing fee is required for all processes associated with your application. It is not a deposit and therefore is not deducted from the cost of the room nor is it refunded at the ended of the year. It is a one-time fee and is not paid again.

Do I have to pay the  $200.00 application fee if I have a scholarship or grant (Academic/Athletic scholarship, GEARUP waiver, or Pell grant...)? 
The application processing fee cannot be paid by any scholarship or federal Pell grant. It must be paid by the student.

If I pay the $200.00 non-refundable application fee, will that guarantee that I will have a room at the residence hall?
No. A room is only secured by registering for twelve hours and paying $2,380 for the cost of room and board

Is there a different cost of living in the different residence halls?
No, the cost of all residence hall rooms is $2,380 per semester). 

How many credit hours are required per semester to live in the residence hall?

Twelve (12) semester credit hours are required to live in the residence hall. 

Will I have enough funds to cover tuition, fees, and the residence hall costs if I have been awarded a Pell Grant as my only source of funds?
No, current tuition and fees for a full-time student (12 credit hours) is $1,930.00. Room and board for the residence hall is $2,380.00 per semester. (The maximum Pell grant award is $3,098.00 per semester for those who qualify for the full amount.)

May I use my scholarship to pay for housing?
Typically, institutional (Lawson State) scholarships cover tuition and fees only and cannot be applied to housing fees. Scholarships received from outside entities have different requirements. Please review any scholarship agreement or award letter for details and restrictions.

Can any remaining Pell grant be applied to housing fees?

Yes, any remaining credit balance from federal Pell grant can be applied to housing fees.

What’s included in the residence hall fee?
The current housing plan includes the room and a 17-meal per week meal plan (three meals per day, Monday thru Friday week with an extended brunch for Saturday and Sundays.)

Can I pay for the room without a meal plan?

No. The residence hall fee covers room and board (meals) and cannot be separated.

If I have a friend who is planning to live on campus can we be roommates?
You and your friend should indicate each other’s names as your roommate choice during the application process before move-in. Otherwise, room change opportunities are available with the resident manager during the first two weeks of the semester.

Does my Lawson State scholarship also cover the residence hall fees?
Currently, Lawson State—issued scholarships (academic, performing arts, athletic, athletic support) do not cover the costs of the residence hall fees. Some private (cash-based) scholarships from outside entities may be applied to the residence hall fee. Please check with the agency, company or organization awarding the scholarship.

Is there a loan program available that I can use to assist me with the payment of my residence hall fees?
No. The College does not participate in student loan programs. However, many families use Tuition Management System (TMS) to break the residence hall costs into four (4) payments over a four month period. If planning to use TMS, at least two payments must be made before a room is assigned and you’re allowed to move-in. Check out their website at: or contact them by phone Monday – Friday 8:00am – 10:00pm (ET) at 1-800-722-4867

Can my left over amount (credit balance) from Pell grant count as the two payments for Tuition Management System? 
TMS may be used for the outstanding balance after all aid has been applied. For example, if a $900 credit balance remains after Pell grant paid tuition and fees is applied to housing costs leaving a balance due of $1,480 you should establish this as your budget with TMS.  This would create four (4) payments of $370. Please note that TMS charges a administrative fee of $50 per semester you use it.

How do I ensure that I have a room in the residence hall?
The residence hall is a very popular living option. You should complete a Housing Application, pay the $200 application fee, and register for classes as soon as possible. After doing so, pay your residence hall fees ($2,380 for the semester). 

When will I know that I have secured a room in the residence hall? 
All students who are assigned to a room will receive a printed room assignment packet after having paid the residence hall fees.  

Is the $200.00 application fee refundable if I am not placed into the residence hall?
The application processing fee is only refundable if you attempted to secure a room with full payment and none is available. In such case, you may make a written request to the Director of Housing if you wish to receive a refund. 

When are monthly payments due?
The College does not accept direct partial payment for the residence hall. However, if you choose to use TMS for fall semester, the four monthly payment schedule must be made on or by July 1st, August 1st, September 1st and October 1st. For the spring semester payments are scheduled for November 1st, December 1st, January 1st, and February 1st.  NOTE: For Fall semester, both July and August payments must be made in order to secure a room assignment and before one may move-in for August. For Spring semester, November, December, and January payments must be made in order to secure a room assignment and before one may move-in for January.

What days and holidays are the residence hall closed?
The residence hall is closed for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break. A check out schedule is provided to residence hall students at the beginning of the term.

Is a physical/health screening required to live on campus? 
Yes. You must provide documentation of immunization/shot records AND have the Health Evaluation/Student Health Form included with the Application completed by a physician. However, it should NOT be returned with the application. You should bring it with you for move-in if a room has been assigned. Also, please attach a copy of the doctor’s business card or letterhead, as doctor’s names and contact information are not always written clearly.  (ATHLETES: a copy of your athletic physical is NOT sufficient, as the questions asked are not the same as those on the Student Health Form. However, you may take the form with you when you go for your physical and ask the doctor to complete it at that time. In any case, it must be submitted before move-in.) 

Can I use a physical form from my own doctor rather than the Student Health Form provided by the College?
No, the College's Student Health Form must be completed. It has specific questions that must be addressed. 

hat appliances are allowed in the residence hall?
Each room is permitted to have a small refrigerator and microwave. Roommates should coordinate who is bringing which items. Televisions, computers, and radios are also permitted. 

If I am a returning student, when do I secure my room for the next semester?
The term of the contract is 10-month (two semesters) if you enter in the fall. We anticipate your remaining in the spring semester. However, you must register (and pay) for at least twelve hours AND pay your residence hall fees BEFORE leaving for the Christmas break in order to remain in your room. If you wish to break your contract and not live on campus for the spring, you must request a contract termination in writing. There is a 10% cancellation penalty on or before November 28th. The cancellation penalty increases to 15% after this date. By default, those who enroll in the spring but do not continue in housing will be assessed the 15% cancellation penalty whether or not a contract termination has been submitted.

Does the College provide shuttle service from the residence hall to any other campus or part of campus?
The College does not provide shuttle service at this time. 

Can I have meals on the Bessemer Campus if I have classes there during breakfast or lunch?
Yes, using a valid student ID card you may eat breakfast or lunch in the Bessemer Campus cafeteria. 

Is there optional housing if I am not placed in a residence?
Unfortunately, the College does not have an arrangement with any off-campus facilities. However, there are a number of apartments available in the area conveniently located off of Lakeshore Parkway, a five-minute drive from campus.

Who do I report a problem to?
You may contact the Office of Student Life (205-929-6352) regarding problems with the application or assignment. Initial building concerns (after moving in) should be reported to your resident assistant (RA) or Mr. B.A. Holman, the Resident Manager in the residence hall office on the 1st floor. If not resolved, you may contact Mr. Darren C. Allen, Acting Dean of Students (