Lawson State Student Email:  Login Directions, Login Page, Tutorials & Help Desk

Lawson State Community College uses student email to communicate all pertinent and essential information to all students.  Failure to login student email on a weekly basis poses a major problem in the institutions ability to connect with its students.  Thus, check email weekly to stay abreast of important announcements and key procedural reminders taking place at the institution.   
Student Email Login at Lawson State Community College
Check your student email account at Lawson State

Email Video & Step-by-Step Login Directions for NEW Students:

First Time User?  Need Help Logging In?  Follow These Steps:

Step 1:

First Time User?  Need Help Logging In?  Follow These Steps: Print off a copy of your schedule to locate your email address (which prints directly on your schedule).  You can secure a copy of your schedule by logging into Student Suite and printing off a copy. Your User Name is your first initial, last name and the last 4-digits of your Lawson State ID number along with your email descriptor: "".  Example:  If your email address is, your User Name  is exactly the same:  (no change).   Type the full email address, no spaces.   

Step 2:

Now that you have figured out that your User Name is actually your Lawson State email address, click on the Email Login button above and type in your User Name.

Step 3:

Then, type in your default password.  All new students have the same password initially.
It is: 


NOTE:  After logging in the first time, the system will force you to change your password..  In doing so, make sure you change your password to a password you already use and can easily remember.    

Technical support for student email issues at Lawson State

If Steps 1-3 do not work for you, contact the Help Desk by clicking on this Need Help? button.