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Follow these STEPS to Register for Summer and Fall 2023 Classes

New to Lawson State?:  See Registration / Admission CHECKLIST for more information.

STEP 1:  Schedule a Virtual Advising Appointment in the Virtual Advising Center

Go to the Advising Center (on either campus) and seek face-to-face advising with a faculty advisor (on campus) OR login the  Virtual Advising Center  and schedule a virtual advising session with an Academic Advisor of your choice (if you prefer to get advised online.  Determine during that session what specific courses you will need to register in for the upcoming term.  If you have already met with your advisor, skip to STEP 2.

STEP 2:  Select Your Courses via Banner's Dynamic Schedule Lookup

View the Schedule of Classes  and select your classes.  Isolate and Select your Term of Choice--Summer or Fall 2023.  Craft out your schedule and write down the CRN (Course Record Number) for each class you map out on your schedule.  Be sure that you do not select any classes that conflict with one another.  If so, the system will NOT permit you to register with known conflicts.

NOTE:  The Summer term has a Interim (1-week term).  Look for Term 3 ( or Interim) for more information.

Summer & Fall 2023 Schedule Options: 

  • Face-to-face classes (100% on campus)
  • Hybrid classes (50% on campus and 50% online).  
  • Online (100% online with 24/7 course access)
  • Virtual (online but delivered via video conferencing means at specific scheduled days and times)
  • *Interim Term--1 Week Classes (1 week class, Monday-Saturday. Runs 8a-5p).--Summer ONLY
  • Mini-term classes (5 week classes in the Summer; 8 week classes in the Fall) 

STEP 3:  Register for Your Classes in the MyLawson System

From the main website, login 
MyLawson to register.  The link to MyLawson is at the top, left corner of the website.  Need help? View the brief video (below).  

Click here to view the VIDEO on how to register online.

  If you have any HOLDS, call 205-929-2000 for help.

STEP 4:  For Financial Aid Students--Clear Your Unsatisfied Requirements and AUTHORIZE your Pell to Pay for your Classes 

View the Video below (just 10 minutes) or View the Step-by-Step Guidesheets to Clear Your REQUIREMENTS and AUTHORIZE Your Financial Aid Today.  Complete BOTH STEPS!!!!

STEP 1:  Locating and Clearing Unsatisfied Financial Aid Requirements (Guidesheet)
STEP 2:  Authorizing Your Financial Aid to Pay for Your Classes               

Have A Financial Aid Question:  Email:                                                                                     

STEP 5:  If a Cash Paying Student

After you register for your classes, login your 
MyLawson  account and on "Student Accounts" and pay your tuition using TouchNet.


Students who fail to attend class the first week will be automatically dropped from their classes.  To establish attendance in a hybrid, online, virtual or online class, complete the Syllabus Quiz or Syllabus acknowledgement form within the class. If you do not see either, participate by completing any first week assignment or discussion board the first week of class. 
Failure to complete any work the first week will cause you be dropped from the class automatically.