Orientation to College (ORI101) Freshman Academy                                                                                                                                                                                                        

The Freshman Academy (Orientation 101)

Lawson State Community College revamped its Freshman Orientation program over 5 years ago.  The changes to the program have been ground breaking, and now the new Freshman Academy course is a huge success story for our students and faculty that is celebrated college-wide.

The course is designed to equip, engage and empower students for life.  Students are introduced to a project-based learning environment that focuses on seven key student learning outcomes to include:

(ORI101) Student Learning Outcomes

The Freshman Academy course is designed to focus on improving the following learning outcomes (for freshmen):

Communications (written and oral) Skills
Social Skills
Leadership Skills
Critical Thinking
Time Management Skills
Study Skills
Individual Responsibilty

Course Design

ORI101 is a student-centered, project-driven curriculum that centers on student involvement and team work.   100% of the curriculum is delivered through Blackboard (the Learning Management System offered by Lawson State Community College).  Each week (within Blackboard) the curriculum modules are broken down, along with all materials for each unit.  Students can view and interact with the course materials and take their quizzes online.  Grading of the majority of the assignments is automatic, so students enrolled in ORI101 have the benefit of receiving immediate feedback on formative assessments throughout.  The course also has a multitude of "How to Do" videos threaded throughout the course and are explicitly designed to equip, engage and empower students to  understand and work through key processes at the college (i.e., how to register online, how to interpret a degree plan, how to complete an eWithdrawal request, etc...).

Frequently Asked Questions:


Who Should Enroll in the Course?

All first time students
All transfer students.  Students who transfer in 12 credits are more are eligible for the ORI101T.  This is a self-paced course that can be completed in half the time as the regular ORI101 course which takes 8 weeks.  Students have up to 4 weeks to complete the ORI101T (for transfer) course. 
Any returning student who has never taken the orientation course at Lawson State

What is ORI101T?

ORI101T (for Transfer) is an online transfer Orientation course designed for students who are transferring in more than 12 credits.  Students transferring in less than 12 credit hours MUST take the regular 8-week ORI101 class. As previously noted, students have up to 4 weeks to complete the ORI101T (for transfer) course. 

What if I took PSY100--the old Orientation Class?

What if I took PSY100 which was the old Orientation course  (at Lawson State) when I was former student years ago and now I am returning to school?  Do I still have to take Orientation?

No. We do not require students to take orientation twice.

When Should Students Take this Course?

The first semester you enroll and no later than their second semester at Lawson State.

Can Failing ORI101 Impact a Student's Grade?

Yes.  Although this course is just 1 credit, it does count towards your GPA.  Thus, a failing grade in Orientation can negatively impact your GPA.

Who Teaches the ORI101 Course?

Specialized trained FAME (Faculty Academy Master Educators).