Lawson State is Excited to Announce Its New Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS) Program--Coming Fall (August) 2018!!!

  The initial focus of this program will be on Echo Cardio Sonography (the heart) with other focuses coming soon. 

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Watch the informational video below (produced by the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography ) to learn more about this exciting career. 

Important Facts You Should Know:

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How Long is the Program?  2 years.  First co-horts could take 2.5 years, depending upon course availability.
Is there an Eligibility Test I can take to determine if I am ready to apply?  Yes.  See the link to the test above.
Do I have to pass a certification test upon graduating:  Yes
Once I apply, am I automatically accepted:  No.  Acceptance is competitive and based on a ranking system of
your scholastic and academic past performance.
How do I apply?  Complete the DMS Application (below) and submit it (along with all required documents
outlined in the directions) by the pre-set deadline.
What if I miss the deadline?  You need to wait until the next deadline date to apply.
Are seats limited? Yes.  Seats are limited in each co-hort. We take less than 20 students per co-hort.
Will I have to pass a background check?  Yes.  If you are admitted the program, you will have to pass a
background check.
Is this program eligible for Pell Grant students?   No.  Not at this time. 
Is this program eligible for WOIA students? Yes
Are there Essential Functions I need to be cleared to perform?  Yes.  See your application for more information.
Is there a minimum GPA I need to apply?  Yes.  2.5
When does this program begin?  Fall 2018, late August
Does this program have a sonography focus?  Yes...on the heart, echo.
Do I need an ACT score to apply?  Yes.  It must be 17 or higher
Do I have to be a certain age to apply?  Yes.  18 or older.
Are there certain courses I need to take before applying?  Yes. See the application
Are there benefits to apply as a "Early bird"? Yes, Early-bird applications will have first consideration into entrance into the program, if they meet eligibility requirements.

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 **New Application Changes and Program Start Date:

There are TWO separate application deadlines for the fall term--Early bird and Regular.

"Early bird"
entries will be considered first for review and for early enrollment consideration for the fall.

The "Early Bird" Application Deadline for Early Fall Entrance Consideration is:  Monday, April 30, 2018 (by 5:00 p.m.).   Classes begin August 2018 (Fall).

The Regular or Final Application Deadline for Fall Cohort Consideration is:  Friday, July 13, 2018 (by 5:00 p.m.).  Classes begin August 2018 (Fall).

Before applying take our Eligibilty Test. 
Click the "Yes / No" picture below to see if you meet the basic eligibility requirements to apply.

Directions:  Download and print off our DMS Application.  Be sure to read the application carefully and attach all required documents (as outlined in the directions).  Failure to follow the directions and miss attaching a required document (i.e., all transcripts, ACT scores, driver's license) will VOID your application. 

NOTE:  As with any competitive selection process, meeting minimum qualifications to apply to the DMS Programs DOES NOT guarantee admission.  Students are selected based on academic record and demonstrated scholastic aptitude and are competing for spots in the program.

Decisions related to program admission are NOT discussed with applicants.  Thus, you acknowledge by applying that you understand that you are entering a competitive selection process and acknowledge your understanding that NOT all applicants are selected.