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 Lawson State Community College offers a variety of program offerings within its four divisions that will meet your needs.  Find out what everyone else knows:  Lawson State has it all.  To learn more about specific programs, click on the division pictured below.     

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Learn more about the Business & Technologies Program at Lawson State Community College in Birmingham, AL            
          Business & Technologies                   College Transfer (General Studies)
         (*Online Degree Options)             (*Some Online Course Options Available)

        Industrial and Career Technical Programs at Lawson State Community College          Healthcare & Nursing Degrees in Birmingham, AL          
        Career Technical Programs                      Health Professions Programs

Click the "Job Outlook" bar to look up the Department of Labor Statistics on your select field of interest.  What does your future career pay?  What are the job prospects?  Are you attempting to study a "high demand" job?  Find out. 

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Lawson eCollege - Distance education opportunities at a top community college


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