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Coming Soon!  The Honors College at Lawson State 

Member of the National Collegiate Honors Council and the
National Association of African-American Honors Programs


Lawson State Community College Honors College aspires to offer an engaging educational experience that cultivates academic excellence to ultimately produce a student who is culturally diverse and civic-minded with a global perspective.  The Honors College is dedicated to providing an atmosphere that promotes critical thought and team-building through a variety of collaborative experiences.  Through these initiatives, the Honors College empowers the student to embrace intellectual challenges, to champion civic responsibilities and to actively participate and positively contribute to a global socie

Why You Should Consider Joining the Honors College?             
  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Prestige and Attractiveness to Senior Colleges
  • Travel (nationally and internationally in some cases)
  • Study Abroad Opportunities
  • Mentorship Opportunties
  • Intern Opportunities
  • Engage in Community Service Opportunities
  • Enhance Your Leadership Skills
  • Exposure to Honors College Classes and Experiences  
  • Scholars' Bowl Team, Mathematics Team, and Speech & Debate Team


The core of the Honors College centers on 4 Pillars (that serve to support all student activities):
1.  Global Citizenship
2.  Leadership
3.  Scholarship
4. Community Service

 Admission: How to Apply to the Honors Program 

Click the Honors Program Application pictured below to begin the Honors College application process.  This process can be completed 100% online.  Both returning students (with no more than 18 completed credit hours) and new students can apply to the Honors Program at Lawson State.   Before applying, read all qualifcations outlined below.  Feel free to preview the application first, gather all pertinent information and come back and fill out the form online.

Current / Returning Students (Qualifications to Apply):

 * 3.3/4.0 GPA or higher
* Minimum 12 semester hours (100 level courses or higher) completed
* No more thatn 18 semester hours obtained
* 1 Faculty recommendation
* Demonstrated involvement in student organizations
* No history of disciplinary issues at the college 
* Personal Interview

First Semester Freshman (Qualifications to Apply):

 * 3.3/4.0 GPA or higher
* 20 ACT score (comparable SAT or COMPASS scores accepted)
* Maximum of 1 developmental education placement
* No history of disciplinary issues  
* Demonstrated involvement in extra-curricular activities
* Personal interview

Program Goals

* To deliver a world-class educational experience that is highly sought after by students of the highest caliber in regards to academic performance and character.
*  To offer a multi-discipline curriculum designed to stimulate curiosity and critical thought in the content areas that matter most to the individual student.
* To provide students with relevant educational experiences in the form of internships, travel (both internationally and throughout the U.S.)  and research opportunities as a means of affirming personal interest in a chosen field of study.
* To provide students with internships and mentorship opportunities.
* To provide students with a variety of enriching and rewarding educational experiences.
* To promote a philosophy of “education without borders”, so students feel empowered to seek out opportunities for personal growth well beyond the limits of a classroom or even the local community.
* To engage students in spirited debate in order to broaden perspective of a diverse nature so they feel compelled to share their voice.
* To share in experiences with peers from diverse cultural backgrounds as a means of enhancing global perspective.
* To produce students that can compete in a global economy in a manner that identifies them as “trailblazers” in all fields of human endeavor.
* To produce a student that shines as a beacon on campus and in the community, inspiring others to fulfill the promise of their potential.
* To instill a sense of service within each student, so that student may realize the joy of utilizing one’s time and talent in service of others.