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Click on the LINKS below for your Step-by-Step Guidesheets on how to CLEAR your Unsatisfied Financial Aid Requirements and how to AUTHORIZE your Pell Grant (Title IV) to Pay Your Tuition and Fees.  These are REQUIRED Steps that ALL STUDENTS MUST COMPLETE!!! 

STEP 1:  Locating and Clearing Unsatisfied Financial Aid Requirements (Guidesheet)
STEP 2:   Authorizing Your Financial Aid to Pay for Your Classes                

NOTE:  Email all questions and/or ALL Requested documents to finaid@lawsonstate.edu 


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*Don't forget the exclamation point in your password!

  You can disable your account if you enter your User Name and Password incorrectly three times.  Please read the User Name and Password (above) carefully before inputting.  Both the user name and password are case sensitive.

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