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Annual Unit Plan (TAP--Team Assessment & Planning)

Directions:  Complete the online forms for each Unit Plan and Student Learning Outcome.  All divisions / departments / units must have at least three (3) Unit Plans and three (3) SLO's unless authorized by Institutional Effectiveness to have less.  Evidence must be collected and submitted to support each outcome and its "Use of Results" throughout the planning cycle.  

Lawson State's  Annual Planning Cycle--(TAP 1, 2 and 3)

TAP1 (Early Fall Term--Beginning of Planning Cycle):  Strategic Planning is a shared, team process. Create and/or review each Unit Outcome and/or Student Learning Outcome as a team.  In doing so, determine the adequacy and importance of each outcome to the unit.  Reassess use of results from the year before to determine if any outcomes need to change or need to be modified.  Craft a workable plan (including Targeted Activities) to achieve the outcome.  Review the outcome to ensure it is measurable and the achievement level is sound and doable.  Also ensure that all outcomes are focused on overall improvement of the department / unit / division and/or its processes.  If not, create new outcomes designed to propel the unit forward in a meaningful and impactful way.

TAP2 (Early Spring Term--Mid-Point of Planning Cycle):  

Assess the progress made towards achieving each Unit Outcome and/or Student Learning Outcome in great detail.  Record findings and make adjustments (use of results) to improve and better target overall achievement of the outcome.  Collect all date and evidence.

TAP3 (Summer--End of Planning Cycle):
  Finish collecting and assess the final achievement results of each Unit Outcome and/or Student Learning Outcome  and finalize your Outcome forms and Unit Narratives. Use of Results should be emphasized during this stage of reporting.  Collect all evidence to support your results and present your conclusions at the Planning Hearing as a team.  *All members of a unit should be present during the hearing.

TAP Planning Documents: Templates and Submitting Portals




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