Student ID's (Cougar Cash Card) & Parking

It is the policy of Lawson State Community College that all students and employees shall wear their ID badges while on the premises of Lawson State Community College and display issued (and current) parking decals on all vehicles parked on campus .  It is also the policy of the Lawson State that student may be requested to show ID in key areas of the college, including library access.  Initial ID's are free of charge to students.  Replacement fees are $25.  Click the icons below for more information.


Click to Activate Your Cougar Cash Card 

Perks of Using the Cougar Cash / Student ID Card

Use the card to:

  • bookstore purchases
  • cafeteria purchases
  • on campus payments
  • make copies on campus
  • on campus vending machines purchases

    Card Features: 

  • allows you to deposit funds on the card online (via a credit or debit card)
  • serves also as your student ID
  • connects to mobile devices
  • view account information online or via mobile devices
  • automatically report the card lost or stolen  

    How to Secure Your Cougar Cash ID & Parking Decal

    Bessemer Campus:

     See the Bessemer Bookstore Cashier for your Cougar Cash Student ID card and parking decals.  Location:  "A" Building, Bookstore (Bessemer campus)

    Birmingham Campus:

    On the Birmingham campus, secure your Cougar Cash Student ID's and parking decal in the Business Office.   Location:  Administration Building, 2nd floor

    Parking rules must be adhered to at all times.  Lawson State police officers are not security officers; they are police.  Hence, failure to follow the parking guidelines can lead to parking tickets being issued on campus.  All students at all times should ONLY park in STUDENT ONLY Parking areas. 

    Parking Decal Placement

    Place your parking decal in the lower left hand corner of your front car window.  See picture above with depicts this window placement.

    Rules to Remember When Parking on Campus (to avoid parking fines)

    • Only park in designated STUDENT PARKING zones (as identified on campus).
    • Arrive to class early to avoid rushing and parking improperly or in the wrong zone.
    • Do not park in VISITOR zones
    • Do not park in EMPLOYEE parking (designated by green curbs or signage on campus)
    • Display your PARKING DECAL in the left hand bottom corner (of your front window)
    • Do not park in DISABLED (ADA) /wheel chair accessible driver locations.  Fees are typically higher if committing such offenses.
    • Secure a NEW Parking Decal each school year
    • Never back into a parking space.  Always pull in (front first) into a parking space on campus. 
    • Park within the parking lines.  Never take up two spaces with one vehicle.
    • Never double-park on campus.
    • Never park in emergency lanes or create your own parking space on campus
    • If issued a parking ticket or moving violation on campus, pay your fine. Unpaid fines can lead to additional fees and possible warrants being issued by the City of Birmingham
    • Follow all speed limit rules on campus
    • Never hold up traffic when dropping off passengers.  Drive to drop off zones on campus.
    • Pedestrians ALWAYS have the right-away on the campus of Lawson State Community College