Reporting Telephone Problems

Lawson State Community College utilizes a VoIP telephone system.  Before submitting a trouble ticket for your telephone problem please try the following quick fixes to save some time.  On the back of your telephone there are two oversized looking telephone jacks, there will be either one or two network cables plugged into these ports.  If you have two cables please make note of which port they were plugged into before removing them.  Unplug the cables, wait 5 seconds and then plug the cables back into the original port they were removed from.  It may take up to five minutes for your telephone to register back onto the phone system.  You will know your phone is registered when all of text on the display takes on a bold appearance.  If you continue to experience issues after attempting the above please provide the following information with the ticket submission.

Option 1(Fastest & Preferred Method):  Complete the online Telephone Problems Form

Option 2: Send an email to with the following information:
Subject of Email "Telephone Assistance"

Information to include in Body of Email:

            First Name
            Last Name
            Lawson State Telephone Number on which there is a problem
            Campus/Building/Room Number where this telephone is physically located
            Office times when someone will be available to allow an MIS Technician Physical Access to the telephone.  Please provide office times on at least two days, we may not have a technician available at the time you list if only one time is provided.
            Please provide a detailed description of the problem that is occurring.  
                e.g.  Phone display indicates "Not Registered" / "Network Starting" / "No IP"  
                Phone is going directly to voicemail
                Phone has no dial tone