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Birmingham Campus
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Phone: 205.925.2515
Fax: 205.925.3716

              Lawson State Community College Single Sign-On Instructions

What Does Single Sign-on Mean?  A single sign-on account means that you will be able to use the same User Name & Password (also called credentials) on all of your Lawson State accounts (e.g., MyLawson, Email and Blackboard).  Keep in mind, though, that this also means if you change the password for ONE, you have changed the password for ALL.

Step 1:  Identify your default credentials. 

All students are assigned default Lawson State Community College Single Sign-On Credentials (User Name & Password).  While your User Name remains the same, you will be directed under Step 2, to change your password.  Once this password is changed, you will use the User Name below and the new password to access ALL of your Lawson State accounts: MyLawson, Email & Blackboard.  Your Default Login Credentials are below:

                Username:                         Your“A”  


                One-Time Password:      !LSCCmmddyy        NOTE: (mmddyy =Date of Birth in 6-digits)

                                                         Example: If born 11-09-2000—Password would be !LSCC110900

Step 2:  Access Your Free Microsoft Office Products. 

**It is very important that you complete this step prior to accessing your "My Lawson" account.  The password that you create here after changing your default will be the password that you will use for all other Lawson State Technical Resources.
Log into your Lawson State free Microsoft Office 365 Portal Account, set your recovery services, and change your password.  Remember, changing your default password, will change it throughout all Lawson systems:  Email, MyLawson and Blackboard.

   Navigate to

  1. Using your single sign-on default credentials noted above, log onto your account
  2. Set Your TEXT Recovery Mobile Phone Number
  3. Set Your Recovery Email Address (This should be a personal email account, e.g.;;
  4. When prompted, change your password.  This password should be a minimum of 8 characters and contain at least 3 of the 4 following character types. (An Uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, a number, or a symbol (e.g. ! # $ * @ )
  5. You will be prompted to confirm your new password by typing it a second time.

After completing Step 2, you will have full access to your Lawson State Microsoft Office 365 Portal which will allow you to access your Student Email and your Student copy of Office 365 (which includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneDrive and other Office products) for free.

Step 3:  Accessing Your Lawson State “My Lawson” Portal on Ellucian

1.)    On the Lawson State Home Page ( click on the “My Lawson” Link (located on the top, left corner of the website).

2.)    On our “My Lawson” Page, locate the blue button name “Student Login – My Lawson”

3.)    Input your Username and the new password you set under “Step 2” into the Ellucian Portal

After completing “Step 3” you now have full access to your “My Lawson” portal.  This allows you to register, pay for your courses, and view all information regarding your account with Lawson State Community College.  Take your time logging in.  Be sure you are using the correct User Name and your new password (NOT the default password). 

Step 4:  Accessing Your Lawson State Blackboard Account

1.)    Navigate to our Blackboard ULTRA Learning Management System by clicking on the Blackboard Links from the Lawson State Community College Home Page

2.)    The Blackboard Logon Page will look identical to your "My Lawson" Logon Page.  Use the same credentials you used to access your "My Lawson" account.

3.)    Please note that although you have access to your Blackboard Account, you will NOT see the courses for which you have registered until a few days before classes begin.  This allows our instructors time to make any last minute and necessary changes to the Blackboard Courses.

Need Help:  Click on the Help Desk on the college’s main website and submit a Help Ticket.