Get a Free Version of Microsoft Office 365


Free for All Lawson State Students and Employees

Lawson State Community College is proud to offer our students a free copy of Microsoft Office 365 during their time a paying student at our college.  Microsoft Corporation has provided Lawson State with the ability to provide this software to you free of charge through their Student Advantage program. 


1.)     You must be a currently registered, degree seeking student at Lawson State Community College or an employee at the College.

2.)    You must have access to and use your Lawson State provided Student / Employee Email Account as the primary email account for all college related matters.

3.)    You must have a personal computer running either the Apple macOS, Microsoft Windows 10 or 11,.  **Users of older versions of Microsoft Windows Operating Systems (e.g. Windows 7, 8, Vista, Windows XP, Windows ME, and Windows 2000) or ChromeBooks will not be able to run this software.

4.)    You must have an active broadband internet connection.

How to Request a Free Version of Microsoft Office 365

There is no need to request access to your Office 365 Software.  The software is included by default with your student email account.