Frequently Asked Questions

General Computer Questions:

    What software do I need on my computer to access Blackboard?  Email?  Student Suite?
        Here is a list of software packages that will prepare your Windows based computer to run all Lawson State Resources.


Q: I am locked out of my account.  How to I get back in? 
A: Go to MyLawson and click on the Enable My Account button.  Once your account is reactivated, an email (with the login credentials) will be emailed to you.

Q. Every time I try to login to MyLawson account, I get a SETTINGS ERROR.  
A. Go to your Computer Settings, and click CLEAR your BROWSING HISTORY.  Click here for a VIDEO tutorial if you need additional directions.


    How do I log onto my Lawson State Blackboard Account?
        Instructions For Access to Blackboard

Student Email:

     How do I log onto my Lawson State Student Email Account?
        Instructions For Access to Student Email


    I believe my computer has a virus, what can you do to help?
        The Lawson State Community College MIS Department does not work on student owned computers.  In order to help our students better protect themselves from viruses, malware, and other malicious applications we have put together a list of useful programs to help you keep your computer virus free, and clean up your computer if you have already contracted some form of malicious software.  Click Here to Fix your Own PC.