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Student Services Division


Dr. Cynthia Anthony, Dean of Students


The Student Services Division is committed to helping each student at Lawson State Community College achieve his/her goals.  The division assists students with admissions, advisement, counseling services, registration, orientation, academic support services, special needs services, student activities, and career planning.  Professionally trained staff are available to assist each student individually in evaluating his or her potential for success as he or she selects a program of study.


 General Student Services Information




ACT WorkKeys Service Center


Recreation and Athletics

Academic Advising



All College Annual Student Activities


Student Activities

Alumni Association


Student Assessment

Campus Organizations


Student Government

Career/Job Placement Services


Student Health Services



Student ID Cards

Orientation - PSY 100


TRIO Programs

Placement Testing for Transfer Students


Admissions Office

Student Record / Registrars Office


Office of Student Financial Services





Orientation / ORI 101


All full-time and part-time degree seeking students and full-certificate students are required to enroll in ORI101 during their first semester at Lawson State Community College.


The Orientation Program is designed to provide information that will aid a new student in his/her transition to college and stimulate an excitement for learning. New students are introduced to college policies, procedures, requirements, and services as well as  knowledge of the physical environment of the campus and the college community. Services provided through the Orientation Program include individualized counseling, monitoring of students’ progress to ensure early identification of those having problems, individualized assistance with academic and personal adjustment issues, and group activities to address study/test-taking strategies and to provide appropriate intervention.


Students are encouraged to make wise use of all services made available in the Office of Student Development Services.  Every student enrolled is assigned a faculty advisor.  Students are encouraged to discuss their plans, problems, and needs with their faculty advisors or other members of the counseling staff.


Student health services


Lawson State Community College is committed to providing direct, basic health care to all students following an assessment of illness or injury by a licensed staff member. 


Wellness is an integral component of our student health services.  Every effort is made to increase health awareness among students with each contact, health pamphlets, health fairs, and films relating to health issues (AIDS, alcohol, drugs, teenage pregnancy, etc.).


Health services are provided for all students on the first floor of the Leon Kennedy Student Center.  Whenever there is a medical emergency, the student health nurse and security should be called.  The student health nurse is located on the first floor of the Leon Kennedy Student Center.


The student’s parents, spouse, guardian or any other person designated will be contacted as soon as possible to inform them of the student’s condition and any other vital  information needed.  Expenses incurred for care beyond that provided by Lawson State Community College’s insurance provider is the responsibility of the student.


scholarship information  - Click here


If you have questions, please contact the Office of Student Services at 205.929.6386 or 205.929.3423.        


student activities


Lawson State Community College is dedicated to the total development of the individual. Therefore, the variety of activities at Lawson State represents a diversity of student interests.  These activities are under the direction of the Dean and staff in the Office of Student Development Services.


All student organizations are open to students of this institution who qualify for membership. 




student government


The governing body of the students is the Student Government Association (SGA).  The SGA is composed of officers elected by the entire student body, the presidents of the freshman and sophomore classes, the Inter-Club Council, and elected representatives from two classes.


campus organizations


AWS (American Welding Society)


A multi-faceted, non-profit organization whose major goal is advancing the science, technology, and application of welding and related joint disciplines.  AWS has led the way in supporting welding education and technology development to ensure a strong, competitive, and comfortable way of life for America and its people.  Membership included a subscription to the Welding Journal, the most current welding handbook, discounts on AWS technical publications and educational programs, membership in a local AWS Section, membership certificate, card and insignia, electronic forums, and computer-based research.


American Dental Assistants Association


Offers students the opportunity to attend the annual meeting of the Alabama Dental Assistants Association and participate in demonstration, essay, and poster contests sponsored by the Birmingham Dental Assistants Society.  The dental assistant class elects officers each September.  The president of the class serves as the representative to the Executive Board of the Birmingham Dental Assistants Society.


Afro-American History Club


Seeks to enlighten students about their Afro-American Heritage and the contributions made to the American society.


Alpha Sigma Mu


An organization for Veterans.  Each member must have a service record with the armed forces of the United States.  He or she also must maintain a scholastic average of 2.5 throughout the  membership in the fraternity.  Each year the fraternity gives a $200 scholarship to a graduating senior who is the child of a veteran. In addition to other activities, Alpha Sigma Mu sponsors a book exchange at the beginning of each semester and solicits the support of all veterans on campus.


Alpha Theta Phi Library Society


An organization that promotes an interest among students in the use of books and libraries.  Membership is open to all interested persons.  The organization promotes activities during National Library Week and sponsors literary programs during the year.


Association of Information Technology Professional


The professional association comprised of career minded individuals who seek to expand their potential—employers, employees, managers, programmers, and many others. The organization seeks to provide avenues for all their members to be teachers as well as students and to make contacts with other members in the IT field, all in an effort to become more marketable in rapidly changing, technological careers.  The organization is comprised of computer science students.


Kappa Beta Delta International Honor Society


For the students who rank in the top 20 percentile in the Business and Information Technologies Department.  Member institutions are accredited through the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).  ACBSP was established in 1988 as an accrediting body for business programs.  An Associate Degree Commission established standards in 1991 for accrediting programs at two-year institutions.  Kappa Beta Delta membership is available exclusively to business students enrolled at schools accredited by ACBSP.


Kappa Beta Delta’s purposes are to encourage and recognize scholarship and accomplishment among students of business pursuing associate degrees; and to encourage and promote personal and professional improvement and a life distinguished by honorable service to humankind.


National Society of Collegiate Scholars


The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) is an honors organization that recognizes and elevates high achievers. NSCS provides career and graduate school connections, leadership and service opportunities and offers over half a million dollars in scholarships annually. NSCS members are deeply committed to scholarship, leadership and service and as a result, are impacting their campus and local communities every day.   NSCS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1994 on the campus of The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. NSCS is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies and is a recognized organization at over 300 campuses across the country.


Inter-Club Council


Coordinates all clubs on the campus.  The Council’s membership is composed of all club presidents.  This organization co-sponsors with the Student Government Association, all activities, and identifies ways to improve the club program.


Mu Beta Chi Phi


The science-mathematics club that seeks to broaden the science-mathematics experiences of Lawson State Community College’s science-mathematics students. Ideas and experiences are shared with the College family and with other students and teachers.  The Club’s further purpose is to assist in developing greater awareness of the academic areas and their relationship to daily life in the local community.  Through field trips, seminars, workshops, and special assemblies, the club provides opportunity for active participation of all its members.


Pep Squad


Seeks to promote school spirit and provide more student involvement in all school-sponsored athletic activities.  Any student at Lawson State can be a part of the Pep Squad.


Phi Beta Lambda


An organization sponsored by the  Business and Information Technologies Department.  The objective is to develop strong, aggressive leadership so that future businessmen and women may participate more effectively in the business and community life of which they are a part.  Members learn to lead and participate in group discussions, preside at meetings and conferences, work on committee assignments, engage in group problem conferences, and work in other activities that contribute to the development of desirable leadership qualities.


Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society


PTK has as its objective to promote scholarships among students with superior achievement.


Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE)


A non-profit organization sponsored by individuals, foundations and corporations.  SIFE’s mission is to the performance of the American  economy by establishing and directing student-generated free market educational programs at the colleges and universities to bring America’s collegians and her citizens to a better understanding of current economic issues and a greater appreciation for the free enterprise system.


Student National Education Association


Seeks to acquaint the student with the objectives and goals of education in the American society.  During American Education Week, this club sponsors special programs such as lectures, field trips of educational interest, and a social hour for respected educators.  Membership in the SNEA is open to all students who plan to enter the teaching profession.



The Sophist Club


Sponsored by the Social Science Department and is open to students who are in good standing with the institution and exhibit the desire to enrich their knowledge through program of civic and social growth by active participation in community projects.  Activities include field trips, tutorial programs, surveys, municipal court attendance, and voter education.



Human Services Club


Seeks to strengthen students in their work to improve humanity intellectually, morally, and religiously. Good citizenship and perpetuation of the concept of human services are encouraged.


Student Nurses Association


Seeks to promote a spirit of citizenship, leadership and fellowship; it encourages responsibility for maintaining the high ideals for the nursing profession.


Skills USA (VICA)


Seeks to promote progressive leadership in the field of trade, industrial, and technical education that is competent, aggressive, self-reliant, and cooperative.  Skills USA (VICA) is a national organization serving high school and college students and professional members who are enrolled in technical, skilled, and service occupations, including health occupations.


SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers)


An international organization whose purpose is to serve the professional enrichment needs of varied practitioners that make up the manufacturing community.  Membership includes access to SME’s database of more that 15,000 papers, articles, and periodicals that relate to the varied manufacturing disciplines; an opportunity to network through conferences and seminars; recognition through certification; employment and resume database assistance; and the development of personal relationships through participation in the Birmingham Area Senior Chapter activities.




all-college annual student activities 


Students are advised and encouraged to participate in annual activities designed to set the cultural, spiritual, moral, and academic tone of the institution. Such activities include:  SGA Election, Installation of SGA Officers Convocations, Annual Christmas Musical, Afro-American History Month, Career Day, Blue and Gold Week, Blood Drive, Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration, Vocational Education Week, Health Fair, Homecoming, Art Exhibition, Honors Convocation, Graduate/Alumni Banquet, President’s Brunch, and Commencement.


recreation and athletics


Lawson State is committed to providing quality intercollegiate and intramural programs designed to foster the personal growth of each student.  These programs encourage individual and team achievement and strive to enhance the academic success, social development, and physical and emotional well being of each student.  There are a variety of athletics and recreational facilities available for students.  The Arthur Shores Fine Arts Building is equipped with a modern fitness center, hardwood court gym, swimming pool, and locker facilities.   Students may participate in basketball, baseball, volleyball, field and track, cross-country, tennis, golf and swimming.


student id cards


Student registration is not complete until an ID card is issued.  ID cards should be worn at all times and are required for using equipment in the library; being admitted to social, cultural, and athletic events; voting in student elections; etc.    Lost or stolen cards should be reported to the Student Development Services office immediately.  Students desiring an identification card should contact the Business Office.  A fee of $25 is assessed for the second ID card.


alumni association


After a student has completed a course or a program of study at Lawson State Community College, he or she becomes a member of the Lawson State Community College’s Alumni Association.


The purpose of the association is to establish and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship between the alumni and the College and to work actively and effectively in advancing the interests of Lawson State Community College, its faculty, students, alumni, and surrounding community.


Benefits of this membership include life-time career services and job placement assistance, the use of College facilities such as the bookstore, library, and physical education facilities, and communication through various College publications. 


Contact Information: Janice Orange, Counselor and Coordinator of Alumni Activities—205-929-6396  See map.


academic Advising


The primary purpose of academic advising is to support students in their pursuit of meaningful educational programs that will assist them in fulfilling goals.  Academic advisement is provided for each student at Lawson State Community College.  Each student is expected to meet with his/her academic advisor at least once each semester to arrange a schedule of classes for the subsequent semester.  Visits with the academic advisor not only facilitate matching a student’s interests, strengths, and goals with career needs, but also provides the advisor an opportunity to become familiar with each student enrolled in his/her program area.  The advisor can also assist with awareness of resources and opportunities that can enhance a student’s chance of academic success. 


Students are assigned to their advisors through the Office of Admissions and Records with input from the department chairperson of their respective program of study.  Designated Student Services staff also provides academic advisement services.




The counseling staff provides professional guidance and counseling services.  The guidance program is committed to the establishment of an environment where a student is provided the opportunity to become a responsible, self-directed learner and to maximize his/her potential for growth.  A student is provided information and support in the achievement of realistic career and educational goals in agreement with his/her expressed interests and abilities.  It is recommended that students meet with a counselor or advisor on a regular basis to review degree plans and academic progress.


Some of the counseling services provided are personal counseling, career and academic advisement, assessment (achievement, aptitude, career, interest, personality, self-directed search, and valves inventory), college transfer information, student activities information, tutorial services, and academic placement.


student assessment


Leon Kennedy Student Center, Room 221


Each college in the Alabama College System shall require a comprehensive assessment of students upon admission to the college and prior to enrollment in associate degree, diploma, or certificate programs.  Students shall not be allowed to enroll for more than four credit hours or eight weekly contact hours before being assessed with a comprehensive assessment instrument.


All first-time students who enroll in associate degree, diploma, or certificate programs and who enroll for more than four credit hours or eight weekly contact hours per semester will be assessed through the administration of the COMPASS computerized assessment instrument, and placed at the appropriate developmental level as indicated by the assessment results.  The following exemptions from the assessment requirement may apply for:

  • Students scoring 480 or above on the SAT verbal and 526 or above on the SAT math, and 20 or above on the ACT English and math provided they enroll in a System college within three years of high school graduation.

  • Students who have an associate degree or higher.

  • Students who transfer degree-creditable college-level English or mathematics courses with a grade of “C” or better.

  • Senior citizens, undeclared, and other non-award seeking majors who are taking classes for vocational reasons only.

  • Students in certain short certificate programs having no English or mathematics requirements.

  • Students who have completed required developmental coursework at another Alabama College System institution within the last three years.

  • Students auditing English or mathematics courses.

  • Students who can provide documentation of COMPASS assessment within the last three years; and transient students.

  • Students who are transient.

The placement assessment coordinator, Philana Suggs, SPACE Center, Leon Kennedy Student Center, second floor, (205) 929- 6449. Click here for the assessment administration schedule.  See map.


placement testing for transfer students


Transfer students who have less than 24 semester hours on their transcript and who have not taken reading, English, and mathematics courses will be required to take the placement test administered to new students at Lawson State Community College.


Transfer students with greater than 24 semester hours on their transcript and who have not taken transferable  reading, English, and mathematics courses will be required to take the battery of placement tests administered to new students at Lawson State Community College.


act work keys service center


Lawson State Community College is licensed by American College Testing (ACT) as an ACT WorkKeys Employment Center.  The Center is a comprehensive system for measuring, communicating, and improving the common skills required for success in the workplace.  It allows these skills to be quantitatively assessed for both individual persons and in actual jobs.  Therefore, WorkKeys can correctly identify individuals who have the basic skills required to be successful in a given position or career.  ACT’s rigorous approach has guaranteed that the WorkKeys assessment and job profiling systems are EEOC compliant and legally defensible.


Job profiling is the process of determining the basis skills that a person needs to do a specific job successfully.  An ACT trained and licensed profiler is available on campus to perform this task.  The profiler meets with actual employees, subject matter experts, and others involved in the job assignment.  Together, the team develops a list of tasks required to perform job assignments within a company.


Lawson State Community College students in career/technical programs take the WorkKeys assessment during their first semester at the college.  If their assessment scores fall below the scores needed for work in their field of study, they are encouraged to take advantage of targeted instruction to build their skills while they are enrolled at the College.   KeyTrain software is available in labs on both campuses and is used by students to practice skills associated with the WorkKeys employment system.  The software provides review topics in each WorkKeys skill area and practice problems similar to those on the actual WorkKeys assessment.  It is a fully interactive computer-based training system.  The curriculum is based on WorkKeys Targets for Instruction; thus guaranteeing that all of the important skills measured in the WorkKeys assessments are covered.


Students finishing career/technical programs with degrees or certificates also take an exit WorkKeys assessment.  Thus, in addition to their technical competencies, they will have documentation of their workplace skills.


Testing accommodations are available for students with documented disabilities.  Students needing accommodations must contact the ADA Compliance Officer, Philana Suggs, SPACE Center, Leon Kennedy Student Center, second floor, (205) 929- 6449 (Birmingham map) or Ms.Renay Herndon, (205) 929-3419 (Bessemer map) for special accommodations.


career placement services


Job Placement and the Career Education Center function as a bridge between the student’s academic preparation and the world of work.  The Center has numerous activities, including career counseling, maintaining a career information library, receiving and publishing job vacancy notices, arranging for prospective employers to visit the campus, interviewing applicants, mailing students credentials to prospective employers, and publicizing campus interviews.  For more information, contact Dr. Kristie Rankin, (205) 929-3514.


trio programs


The TRIO programs at Lawson State Community College are federally funded by the United States Department of Education. The programs identify qualified youth or adults who are low income and first-generation college students. Participants are selected according to their potential for academic success.


TRIO at LSCC is comprised of two programs:  Upward Bound and Student Support Services. The ultimate goal of each TRIO program is to assist participants in postsecondary education. Each program has specific goals, objectives and criteria for students served based on its respective grant proposal approved by the Department of Education.


TRIO Program Expectations


Parents are expected to provide the support and encouragement necessary for the student to improve their class participation, attendance, and grades. Students are expected to enter the program voluntarily and to fully understand that it is a program intended to improve their academic skills and to help identify their educational goals. It is expected that students adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Maintain excellent school attendance.

  • Maintain grades to the best of their abilities

  • Maintain cooperative behavior with school personnel, program staff, and fellow students.

Students are eligible if they:

  • Have completed the eighth grade.

  • Have a need for additional academic support in preparation for a postsecondary education.

  • Have potential for success in postsecondary education.

  • Meet the United States Department of Education family income guidelines and/or first generation college student.

How Much Does It Cost?


There is no cost to the students enrolled in the program or to the family, just the investment of time and enthusiasm.


Contact Persons


For further information regarding the TRIO programs at Lawson State Community College, contact the TRIO program coordinator / director:


Ms. LaSharon Harris

Director of Student Support Services, Bessemer Campus, Building A, Room 212




Mrs. Mattie Crawford, Birmingham West Campus, Leon Kennedy Student Center, Room

Coordinator of Upward Bound