ACCUPLACER Retest Policy:
Students are given one opportunity to retest. There is a charge of $11.00 to retake the ACCUPLACER test. Students placing in developmental courses are advised to register for those courses and consult with the developmental education faculty for retest recommendations. Students should complete at least one semester of a development class prior to retesting. The re-test fee is payable by check, cash, money order, or major credit cards. (See test administrator.)
Contact information / ACCUPLACER assessment locations by campus: Birmingham Campus Map / (205) 929-6385 / Academic Success Center - room -221
Bessemer Campus Map / (205) 929-3418 / Student Services Suite, Building A, room A-182
Must I take the ACCUPLACER placement assessment if I only want to take courses as a non-degree (occupational enhancement or personal enrichment) admission status?

You may enroll in 1-7 credit hours during your first semester. You must take the placement assessment if you enroll the following term if you enter a program of study leading to an associate degree or wish to take courses creditable towards an associate degree.

When can I expect to receive my ACCUPLACER results and how do I interpret what they mean?

Results are provided to you when you complete the exam.  You are encouraged to visit a counselor after receiving your results. A counselor will help you understand the meaning of your placement scores.

Returning Students--Retesting Requirements

All returning students whose placement scores are older than five (5) years must retest unless they have already completed English Composition I (ENG 101) and Intermediate Algebra (MTH100).

Testing Fees:

There is no fee for initial placement tests. However, students must have submitted an application for admission to the Admissions and Enrollment Management Office and must present photo identification at the time of testing.  Students needing special accommodations for testing should contact the Counseling and Assessment department at the campus on which the testing is taking place at least two weeks prior to testing. There is an $11 fee to take the assessment a second time.