Clubs and Organizations

LSCC Student Organization Annual Registration
In order to help us know which organizations are active from year to year we ask that each student organization provide an annual update of members and officers. We also need to have a clear record of the advisor for the academic year. 

Petition for Recognition as a Student Organization
When petitioning for recognition as a new student organization, the following will be among the first considerations: Please explain how the new organization is distinct from existing student organizations and why the organization’s purpose cannot be achieved through existing organizations.  

Existing Clubs and Organizations


This prestigious student organization, provides hours of assistance to the college and the community. As beacons of Lawson State, the Ambassadors create an image of opportunity, and serve as examples for fellow students, both academically and socially. In addition, the Ambassadors promote excellence and represent Lawson State with pride at all times. 
For more information on the Ambassadors program, contact Geri Albright at 205-929-6315 or via email at


AWS (American Welding Society)

A multi-faceted, non-profit organization whose major goal is advancing the science, technology, and application of welding and related joint disciplines. AWS has led the way in supporting welding education and technology development to ensure a strong, competitive, and comfortable way of life for America and its people. Membership included a subscription to the Welding Journal, the most current welding handbook, discounts on AWS technical publications and educational programs, membership in a local AWS Section, membership certificate, card and insignia, electronic forums, and computer-based research. 

Human Services Club

Seeks to strengthen students in their work to improve humanity intellectually, morally, and religiously. Good citizenship and perpetuation of the concept of human services are encouraged. For more information on this club, contact Venita Tubbs at 205-929-2005 or via email at

Phi Beta Lambda

An organization sponsored by the Business and Information Technologies Department. The objective is to develop strong, aggressive leadership so that future businessmen and women may participate more effectively in the business and community life of which they are a part. Members learn to lead and participate in group discussions, preside at meetings and conferences, work on committee assignments, engage in group problem conferences, and work in other activities that contribute to the development of desirable leadership qualities. For more information on this honor society, contact Norris Watkins at 205-929-2024 or via email at 

Student Government Association

The governing body of the students is the Student Government Association (SGA). The SGA is composed of officers elected by the entire student body, the presidents of the freshman and sophomore classes, the Inter-Club Council, and elected representatives from two classes. For more information on this association, contact the Office of Student Engagement or the Office of the Dean of Students.

Honors College

The Honors College is designed to attract and develop tomorrow’s civic, political, scholastic and corporate leaders. The four pillars are as follows: Scholarship, Leadership, Global Citizenship and Community Service. Ultimately, the Honors College is simply a platform that allows its students to express themselves in their own unique way, and through critical reflection of self, the students are better prepared to shape their own destinies and discover how they can have the most profound impact on a global society.  

The National Science Foundation’s Historically Black Colleges and University Undergraduate Program (HBCU-UP) seeks to enhance the quality of undergraduate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education at Historically Black Colleges and Universities as a means to broaden participation in the Nation's STEM workforce. The Lawson State Community College Pi STEM E3 program provides support for the implementation of comprehensive institutional strategies to strengthen STEM teaching and learning in ways that improve access to and retention of underrepresented groups in STEM disciplines. Pi STEM E3 consist of three distinct programs designed to recruit and retain STEM majors, while enhancing their STEM college experience. The three core programs are the STEM Scholars and Learning Community component, the STEM Enrichment Institute (SEI), and the STEM Bridge Pathways Program. Each program provide students the opportunity to explore STEM career paths. For questions, please contact Dr. Shawanda Thomas at or 205-929-3443.

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