Student Government Association

Cougar Connection Week C3

Our Purpose

 We, the students of Lawson State Community College in order to promote student leadership, growth and development; to serve as the voice of the student body at our multi-campus institution; to coordinate beneficial student activities on both campuses which promote student leadership, boosting morale, health and wellness, cultural diversity, and community service; do hereby establish the Student Government Association.


SGA Executive Cabinet 2015-2016   



SGA President, Melissa Robinson

Changes do not appear without assistance. Improvements do not make themselves. Forceful and effective empires are not created in an instance. In essence, what I am attempting to articulate is that if you want change, be that change. If there is an area that needs improvement, take the initiative to make it happen. Lastly but most important, have patience on the journey to success and take time to enjoy and learn from the triumphs and failures along the way. Here at Lawson State Community College we have the privilege of housing an organization known as the Student Government Association that gives each of us the opportunity to be the change, make improvements, and learn virtues such as patience all while participating in student activities. Join S.G.A and use your voice!



SGA Vice President, Derek Dixon Jr.

Hello, my name is Derek Dixon and I am the newly elected SGA Vice President. SGA is one of the best organizations I could ever be a part of. SGA has taught me how to be a leader and show what I am capable of. Being a part of SGA has molded me into a responsible individual with character, love for others, and tough love. I recommend everybody to be a part of this fine organization at Lawson State Community College, where everyone has a chance to succeed.



SGA Treasurer, Alyssa Miller

As a recent graduate of high school, entering college is something that initially was quite intimidating. With thoughts of being one person out of the hundreds of others, a fear of not having a voice became a concern. This is what led me to the Student Government Association. For me SGA was the organization that not only gave me a voice, but it also provided me with many opportunities to further my growth as a student leader. Considering the amount of growth I have had throughout this past year, I would encourage everyone to join the Student Government Association.


SGA Secretary, Brittany Welch

As a devoted member of the Student Government Association, my fellow SGA members and I proceed to go above and beyond to serve as avid leaders in our school environment, and also in our community. This organization requires great dedication and commitment, therefore SGA helps groom good leaders into outstanding leaders. Student Government Association allows its members to let their voices be heard and to assist in getting things done effectively. In closing, SGA has helped me blossom into the leader I am today and it has allowed me to gain many friendships. It is an honor to be a part of such a magnificent organization. “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” -Helen Keller


SGA Chaplain, Jadirha Hannon

The Student Government Association has given me the opportunity to have a full college experience here at Lawson State. Through this organization, I have received a plethora of opportunities that I would have never seen otherwise. This prestigious organization has given me a sense of family and unity. They have taught me the importance of becoming involved with your community and how a team can be a far greater force than an individual. It is important to become involved in various school organizations because it helps to sculpt you into a well-rounded individual. So I urge you to join SGA and together we can accomplish the impossible!!!


SGA Vice President of Marketing, Cleophus Williams II

Joining SGA has been nothing but a blessing upon life itself. I have had the opportunity to surround myself with a group of people who share the same goals as I do. Some of those goals consist of always striving to be better than they were yesterday and always striving to be the best they can be. Some may say SGA is just another organization on campus, but it just doesn't stop there. SGA is more of family. Coming together during community service hours, or always making sure the student body feels right at home when partaking in the college lifestyle; joining SGA has been the best decision of my life.

Farewell from the 2014-2015 SGA Executive Cabinet


SGA Constitution

The SGA Constitution is the governing doctrine of the organization. Please review our SGA Constitution.


SGA Advisor:

Sunkeissa Cantrell, SGA Advisor or 929-2072