Lawson State Community College online surveys are sponsored by

Each semester, complete your online SmartEvals assigned surveys on your course experiences (if you are a student) and other surveys as assigned (i.e., library, maintenance, etc...) for faculty, staff and students.  Information secured from surveys is used to evaluate overall effectiveness of courses, programs and college operations.  Evaluations are completely anonymous and play a pivotal role in improving college services and course delivery.

Click on the survey icon to access your SmartEvals assigned surveys. 

Students:  You will need your 7-digit Student ID Number (listed at the top of your schedule).  If you cannot locate your schedule, login in Student Suite to print of your schedule or look the information up within the site.

Faculty & Staff:  You will need your Employee ID
Login Employee/Faculty Suite and click on your payroll information to secure your employee ID number, if you have forgotten it.