The STEM Bridge Pathways Program

The Stem Bridge Pathways provide graduating high school seniors entering LSSC and STEM graduates leaving LSCC the necessary advisement and resources to persist in two and four-year college environments, respectively. Careful attention on the assignment of STEM courses (mathematics and science courses) are a priority for the bridge students. Some STEM courses are set up in a cohort format to support the learning community concept. The participant will receive academic advising along with career mapping in order to support persistence and efficacy measures. This will help to retain and increase the number of students pursuing STEM careers. Students will have the opportunity to participate in basic research with selected highly qualified, well trained STEM professionals.


2-Pi STEM Bridge Enrollment Requirements:

  • Admission to Lawson State Community College
  • Must successfully complete SAT, ACT, or COMPASS college admission exam with minimum high school GPA of 3.0
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics related major
  • Participant must declare one of the STEM disciplines (chemistry, biology, mathematics, computer science or technology related fields) as his/her major before leaving the bridge program.
  • Participant must enroll full time at Lawson State Community (average is12 hours) for the Fall Semester before leaving the program.

Bridge Application