Cancelled Classes

(Tutorial and Cancelled Classes Link)

Lawson State reserves the right to cancel any class that does not meet enrollment requirements. 
Students can and should check the
status of their classes
online prior to attending their classes. Click on the "Class Cancellations" picture above to access the online lookup database.

NOTE:  It is the responsibility of all students to check for cancelled classes during the first week of classes.  The college will not call students about the cancelling of classes.  Notification is always provided to students online (via the official website).  Thus, it is the responsibility of students to check for cancelled classes and to ensure that the schedule they have created is free of any cancelled classes.  If  you determine that one of your classes has been cancelled, you will need to Drop the course from your schedule and Add a new course.  For  more information on the Drop and Add process, Click Here. 

Tutorial (Checking for Cancelled Classes)

View the Instructional Video Below:  How to Check for Open, Closed and Cancelled Classes Online

Click on the "Class Cancelled" picture below to check to see if any of your classes have been cancelled.  You will need your 5-digit course ID number (i.e., 04564) and Course Name (i.e., CIS146) to locate your specific course.  Courses that are cancelled will be listed as cancelled.  Refer to your Degree Plan for more course options or your STARS Report, if you are College Transfer student.  Also, see your advisor if you need additional help in proper course selection.