“ Implementation of the new curriculum has been delayed until August 2017.  As such, we will admit a fall 2016 cohort using the current criteria and applications as printed for RN and PN admission”.

How to Apply to the PN (Practical Nursing) Program:

Application into Lawson State's prestigious nursing program is competitive. Although we recommend that all students apply to our program, students meeting minimum requirements or seeking readmission are not guaranteed admission. Students seeking admission should work to maintain the highest GPA possible and concentrate on superb performance in all science classes, beginning with BIO103 (as a pre-nursing student). Admission into Lawson's Nursing program is based on your ranking against the criteria and your ranking against other students applying to the program.
Criteria (in terms of student selection) is established from assessing GPA's, student completion of pre-requisite courses, ACT exam, and grades achieved in English and Math courses (and additional points awarded from HPS103, if the student opts to take this course).

Earn Extra Points Here: HPS103--Up to 11 additional points can be awarded for selecting to take this important course. HPS is NOT a required course BUT is highly recommended, for it is designed to transition students into the nursing program. NOTE: Up to 11 points can be awarded by taking HPS103.

Play It Smart: Our studies show that students who opt to take BIO103 tend to perform at a higher level in BIO201, 201 and 220. Hence, although BIO103 is no longer required, Lawson nursing advisors and Academic Affairs strongly encouraged pre-nursing students to enroll in this science course, for data demonstrates that taking BIO103 leads to improved performance in subsequent Biology classes, particularly for pre-nursing students seeking admission.

Points Garnered from the Following Classes

A = 3 pts., B = 2 pts., C = 1 pts.
ENG101 points based on grade received
MTH100 or higher points based on grade received
BIO201 points based on grade received
BIO202 oints based on grade received

Completion of Pre-requisite Courses:

BIO103 (not required but strongly recommended for all PN students), BIO201, BIO202, ORI101

Intake Cycles: When Can I Apply?

Practical Nursing (PN)--Cycles of Admittance (New Students)

Day Program Only: (Bessemer Campus Only):

Lawson State Community College admits students to its PN day program one time per year in the fall.

Application Deadline Dates

Applications for students wishing to begin in during the Summer Semester is March 15th (by 5:00 pm CST).  If March 15th falls on a weekend, applications must be submitted on the next business day (that Monday) by the preset 5:00 p.m. CST deadline. 

Applications for students wishing to begin in during the Fall Semester is June 1st (by 5:00 pm CST).  If June 1st falls on a weekend, applications must be submitted on the next business day (that Monday) by the preset 5:00 p.m. CST deadline. 

NOTE: Late and/or incomplete packets are not evaluated by the intake committee.

Follow These Steps to Apply:

Review the application process and understand the importance of submitting a completed packet by the set deadline listed above. See your advisor to determine whether or not you have completed all of your course prerequisites (i.e, MTH100, BIO201, BIO202, ENG101.)


Schedule and complete the ACT exam.

Review the application checklist (below) and complete the Application. Be sure to attach all required documents. Submit your application on time. NOTE: Incomplete applications will not be considered. All required documents MUST be attached, including all transcripts.


Application Checklist and Application Form

Click the links below to begin the application process. Incomplete or Late Applications will NOT be considered.