Developmental Education at Lawson State Community College

Non-Discrimination Policy 

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The Developmental Education Department  of Lawson State Community College is a Title III sponsored program designed to support both General Education, Health Professions and Career Technical Education students required to take either ENG101 and MTH100 as part of their course completion program.  In order to take either course, students MUST score (via Compass or the ACT Test) a minimum score.  If not, the student will be placed in a developmental education course which remediates the student on specific skills.  Developmental courses, then, serve as pre-requisite courses prior to taking college level courses.  Developmental courses are directly tied to student success.  Meaning, data shows that students who pass developmental classes experience positive outcomes in their college level courses.  They tend to pass their college level courses with higher grades and are retained in their classes more successfully.    

Developmental Team

Dr. Sherri Davis, Developmental Director, Academic Dean and CTEL Director
Dr. Charles Fowler, Mathematics & Developmental Mathematics Chairperson
Mrs. Sandra O. Hall, English Instructor
Mr. Jeff Harris, Math Instructor & SSS Math Tutor
Mr. Weymon Holloway, Math Instructor & Honors College Director
Ms. Aisha B. Lewis, Math Instructor
Mr. Shelly Millender III, Reading, English  & FAME Instructor
Dr. Stephen Monti, English Instructor & QEP Director
Dr. Ann Swanberg, English & FAME Instructor
*Ms. Mavis Brown, Math Instructor
*Ms. Marilyn Congress, Reading Instructor
*Mr. Vincent Davidson, Math Instructor
*Mr. Jason Davidson, Math Instructor
*Ms. Jeffrey Holman, Reading Instructor
*Ms. Eva Howard, Reading & FAME Instructor
*Mrs. Joyce French, Reading Instructor
*Ms. Arlene Godwin, Developmental Tutor & Dev. English Instructor
*Mrs. Nastassia T. Law, Math Instructor
*Mr. Melvin Love, Reading Instructor
*Ms. Donna Lucas, Reading & English Instructor
*Mrs. Margaret Mankowich, Reading and English Instructor
*Ms. Tineka Peoples, Reading Instructor
*Ms. Marilyn Spencer, Reading Instructor
*Ms. Candace Thompson, Reading and English Instructor
*Mr. Emmit Stallworth, Math Instructor
*Mrs. Virginia Webster, Reading Instructor

*Indicates the employee is a celebrated adjunct faculty member at Lawson State

Developmental Levels 

Depending on your test scores, you can either test completely out of developmental or you can place on one of the following levels.

  • English I (ENG092):  This level indicates that the student needs help with basic sentence writing, grammar and usage.  Emphasis is placed on paragraph development.
  • English II (ENG093):  This level indicates that the student needs help with basic essay writing as well as grammar, usage and syntax.
  • Basic Math (MTH090):  This level indications that the student needs remediation in basic math concepts to include decimals, division, integers and  more.
  • Intermediate Algebra (MTH098):  This level indicates that the student needs remediation in pre-algebra and algebra skills to include quadratic equations, foil and more.

Readiness Testing

All students exiting developmental studies MUST pass a Readiness Exam with a grade of 70% or higher.  This exam is given at the end of  developmental English classes and throughout various stages of development in developmental math classes.

Developmental Courses and Transferability

Developmental courses are NOT transferable.  They are designed with only one mission in mind.  They are pre-requisites for students to gain entrance into their college level courses.  So, while you cannot transfer these courses nor do they help with your GPA, they do help you to gain access into courses that you will need to graduate.
Can Failing a Developmental Course Hurt Your GPA?
No.  Failing a developmental course cannot hurt your GPA; however, failing such a course does have other negative consequences.  It is can slow down your progression through your degree plan.  It can interfere with your graduation progress, and it can ultimately stop you from taking your English or math major courses.

Can I Test Out of Developmental Classes?

Keep in mind that students are NOT placed in developmental courses.  You TEST into developmental classes.  Meaning, if you have been slotted to take a developmental class, either you took the ACT Test or the Compass Test, and results from either test PLACED you in developmental.  So, you actually put yourself in a developmental class.  There are two ways to advancing out of a developmental class (and both are based on your demonstrating competency).

1.  During the first week of your developmental class, your instructor will give you a diagnostic test.  If you score a "B" or above, then you eligible to take a Readiness Exam.  If you pass the Readiness Exam, with a grade of "C" or better, you can move to the next developmental level or out of Developmental Education altogether, depending upon what class you are taking.
2.  Or, after you complete a developmental class and successfully pass it (with a grade of "C" or higher),  you can take the Compass again to see if you can place out of Developmental altogether.  This only pertains to students enrolled in ENG092 or MTH090 (Level 1 Developmental courses).

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After each level of successful completion of a developmental course, you can opt to retake the Compass test.  Before doing so, take the online Compass Boot Camp to better prepare you for the test.  Students are also (of course) encouraged to take the Boot Camp prior to taking the Compass the first time.  

Eligibility to Retake Compass (if you are taking a Developmental Class):

1.  Must have passed ENG092 or MTH090 with a grade of "C" or higher before eligible to retest.
2.  Cannot be currently enrolled in a developmental course.  Must TEST between (NOT DURING) semesters only.  Example:  At the end or very beginning of spring term, summer term or fall term. Look for semester gaps and get tested before enrolling.
3.  Cannot switch out of a developmental class mid-stream. 
4.  Cannot switch out of developmental class after the drop and add period has lapsed.
5.  Must pay any and all testing fees, if applicable.
6.  Students are only eligible for one retest following the Boot Camp.

How to Complete the Boot Camp:

Complete Part I & II below.  Spend a full week (7 days) viewing all tutorials under each area or within your specific area of weakness.  Then, work through the practice activities under Part II.

Part I:  View Tutorials.  Click below for the Math, English and Reading VIDEO Tutorials.  View Each then Move to Part II.

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Part II:  Practice the Compass Skills in Math, English and Reading

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