Degrees / Certifications / Industry Certifications

Dr. Alice Tyler Milton, Associate Dean / Chair

The Associate in Arts (AA) Programs are designed to parallel the freshman and sophomore level coursework at four-year colleges and universities.  The courses will transfer to the institutions toward a baccalaureate degree.  Students should classify as a junior upon transferring, if they aligned all of their courses with STARS.  The AA degrees are designed for students who want to pursue a four-year degree in Business, Accounting, Computer Science, Economics, Technology, Management Information Systems (MIS), Project Management, Business Education, Information Systems, Human Resource Management, Finance, Hospitality Management, Health Information Management/Technology, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Management, or any other closely related field in the business arena (Check the Department of Labor/Occupational Outlook Handbook for areas). 

The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) and Certificate (Short and Long) Programs are designed to provide students with hands-on experiences and an opportunity for "real-life experiences through internships in the field of study.  Students are still able to transfer to a four-year institution; but, should note that some of the coursework taken (Area V) may or may not be applied to the chosen program of study.  The 4-year institution may evaluate on a case-by-case basis.  The advantage of an AAS degree is that the student will be able to have of choice of working in their chosen field and/or completing their BS or BA degree while gaining experience for promotions.

The experienced faculty will nurture and help each student develop the skills needed to begin a career.  There are so many opportunities in the Business and Information Technologies Division—all are based on the individual’s strengths and interests.  Employment for the entry-level positions are expected to grow in the service and professional industries.

The Business and Information Technologies Division offers two (2) AA Degrees (Business Administration and Business Education) fully online as well as face-to-face).  The remaining degrees' courses are offered online, hybrid, and face-to-face). 

Click the "Job Outlook" bar to look up the Department of Labor Statistics on your select field of interest.  What does your future career pay?  What are the job prospects?  Are you attempting to study a "high demand" job?  Find out.     

AA Degrees (Transferring to a four-year institution - 100% Online Courses) 
 -- Business Administration 
 -- Business Education 
AA Degrees (Transferring to a four-year Institution - Online, Face-to-Face, and Hybrid Courses) 
 -- Business Administration 
 -- Business Education 
AAS Degrees (Workforce)
 -- Accounting Technology
 -- Business Administration and Supervision
 -- Computer Science - Business
 -- Computer Science - Math
 -- Office Administration - General
 -- Office Administration - Legal
 -- Office Administration - Medical (Including Medical Coding / Billing)
Long Certificates
 -- Accounting Technology
 -- Computer Science
 -- Office Administration - General 
 -- Office Administration - Legal
 -- Office Administration - Medical
Short Certificates
 -- Accounting Technology
 -- Banking and Finance
 -- Computer Science
 -- Computer Science Certifications
 -- Management and Supervision
 -- Office Administration - General
 -- Office Administration - Legal
 -- Office Administration - Medical
 -- Real Estate
Industry Certifications
 -- Microsoft
 -- Certiport
 -- Cisco
 -- CompTIA
 -- Novell
 -- Oracle
Database Administrator
Database Developer