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Final Exam School (2022)


Summer 2022

Academic Calendar: Check for other key dates on the calendar for the term.
NOTE to All Faculty (full and part-time): 

Please do not change the Final Exam schedule without prior permission from your supervisor and the Dean. Early exams are NOT permitted at Lawson State Community College.

We thank you in advance.

 Report a Change if Your Exam Date/Time Changes or if an Exam is Being Given Early:

Exam schedules should NEVER be given early (which essentially provides less time for students to study and prepare for their Final Exam) or modified (in terms of meeting times and/or days) unless approved.  Such changes are viewed to be in contrast to the mission of Lawson State, for we want all students to be given ample time in class (to receive instruction) and enough time to study for all final exams.  Thus, if an exam is being given early or a time and date are being changed, please let us know and we will report back to you to let you know if the change has been pre-approved.