Listed below are a few Frequently Asked Questions that may be of interest to Prospective Students entering into some of the programs within this division.

Q. How can I enter into your programs?
A. All students entering any program area of the college must first complete an application for admissions. Applications for Admissions are located in the Admissions Office on either the Birmingham West Campus or The Bessemer Campus. There is no fee to apply for admissions!

Q. Are students required to have a high school diploma?
A. Yes, if you plan to apply for federal funding/Pell Grant to assist in the cost of attending college you will be required to have either your high school diploma or GED or are entering a program which earns a degree vs. a certificate.
Please note that some programs are governed by a regulatory board which requires completing a licensure examination to practice professionally. Those programs are:
• Barbering
• Cosmetology
• Nail Technology

Q. Can you enroll anytime?
A. The college academic schedule is organized to enroll during the following terms: Fall- Spring – Summer.
Once a prospective student completes an application for admissions, you are placed in the college database and will receive correspondence from the college during times of open registration.

Q. What is the length of your programs?
A. Depending upon which program you are interested in and if you attend full-time. We offer Short Certificate programs which completes in 2 semesters or less than one year, Certificate programs which completes in 3 semesters or less than two years and Associate of Occupational Technology Degree which completes in two years. Once you determine the program area you are interested in, please contact either the program advisor, Department Chair or Assistant Dean to help you understand award type you would earn once completed; their information is located in the link of each program of study.

Q. When are the classes scheduled?
A. We offer classes during the day and evening but each semester the days and times can vary therefore; it is advisable to review our semester schedule booklets which are located on the college homepage,

Q. Do you programs offer hands-on experience?
A. Yes we do. Our programs are designed to equip you with the necessary skills to be competent and marketable to enter directly into the business and industry, successfully complete a professional examination for licensure if required or continue on to a 4 year institution.

If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to contact us.
We want to help make your decision to consider attending  Lawson State Community College one that is life changing.