Culinary Arts


The Culinary Arts program is now providing students extensive training and development of skills to become competent in the field of Culinary Arts, foods preparation and service. Students graduating and successfully completing a program in Culinary Arts can now be awarded an Associate in Applied Science Degree. The program is housed in a brand new state of the art training facility located on the Birmingham East Campus in the AG Gaston Building. We welcome and encourage those students who have completed the previously offered Culinary Arts Short Certificate the opportunity to return for advanced training to earn an Associate in Applied Science Degree. The additional courses offered under the degree option will enhance your current skills and equip you with additional knowledge which can increase your employment options. Graduates can be confident in their cutting-edge employable skills this growing industry demands. Students will be provided with opportunities for workplace education incorporated into their program plans through partnerships with surrounding restaurants and hospitality services which can lead to permanent employment upon completion of studies.

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