Barbering Styling

The program objective is to prepare students for the Jefferson County Barber Commission or Alabama Board of Cosmetology and Barbering Examination for professional licensure after successfully completing the academic and practical training in less than two years. The mission of the Barbering Program is to provide students with a comprehensive curriculum which prepares its graduates with marketable skills to become successful entrepreneurs. The courses taught cover both the scientific and artistic concepts of the industry. The standards of our program of study have been proven at the Jefferson County Barber Commission by our impressive passing rate of 100% over the past several years.

Students are also provided an opportunity to take advantage of an internship course available to qualified students approaching graduation. This partnership is done through industry professionals including several of our Alumni that have become shop owners or managers and willing to mentor selected students and introduce them to the day-to-day business operations of Professional Barber Styling.

If you are considering Barber-Styling as your chosen profession, I highly encourage you to start your career training here and you will be able to go anywhere!

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