Service Careers

We  hope this information is helpful in assisting you to become familiar with what Lawson State Community College has to offer in Occupational and Career Technical Education. Service Careers is a department of various program areas within the Occupational and Career Technical Education Division which offers you an opportunity to train and become career ready in a variety of in-demand professions. Your training will be provided by highly competent and qualified faculty with hands-on experience in the  profession you have chosen. This division strategically explore other in-demand occupations to add to our academic inventory to offer you.

Click the "Job Outlook" bar to look up the Department of Labor Statistics on your select field of interest.  What does your future career pay?  What are the job prospects?  Are you attempting to study a "high demand" job?  Find out.     Career Options:

Listed below you will find our current career options you can explore within this division: 


Graphic Art Communications


Culinary Arts


Media Production

You will be able to locate additional information on each program within the Programs of Study link. We highly encourage you to meet with any of the instructional advisors for a more in-depth conversation regarding the program you may be interested in so you can narrow your career option.

The advantage you will find by choosing a career path is the short period of time to complete your program of study and graduating from a reputable institution of higher learning. 


Some of the programs offered in the Service Careers Department may require certification licensure upon completion of studies to practice professionally. Programs requiring certification include:

• Barbering
• Cosmetology
• Nail Technology

Due to the unique design of each program’s curriculum, any student committed to making a difference in their lives through academic training can be confident that you have been exposed to the necessary skills to become prepared for the professional licensure examination and employment marketability. These career options will not only prepare you to become a skilled professional, but also a respected entrepreneur that meets the demands of Business and Industry.

Again, the Service Careers Department welcomes you, and thank you for giving us consideration for your career educational needs.

“Where Lives Are Changed Through Career Education”