Industrial Electronics

Electronic / Electrical technicians help design, develop, test, and manufacture electrical and electronic equipment. These technicians use the principles and theories of science and engineering to solve technical problems in the wiring, construction, and development of industrial systems. The Electronics program is unique because graduates wire, troubleshoot, and maintain various types of electrical, electronic, or mechanical equipment. They also install and maintain the electronic controls for machines in business and industry.

The Industrial Electronics programs provide diverse training in the career fields of Electronics, Robotics, and Electrical. The certificate and degree programs consist of a group of core classes that all students take. The student is then allowed to choose from a group of electives that allow the student to tailor the degree toward the field of their interest.

Outlook Statistics

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The many occupations covered by the program have an average growth through 2022 of approximately 8.2%. As firms continue to seek new means of reducing costs and increasing productivity, demand for industrial electrical/electronic technicians to analyze and improve production processes should increase. The average median pay for the occupations listed is $24.91 / hour.   Note these figures are subject to change.  Click on the "Job Outlook" button for more up-to-date information on this career choice.

Occupation Titles:

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technician – $28.26/hour
Electrical and Electronic Repairers, Commercial and Industrial Equipment - $25.31/hour
Electrical and Electronics Installer and Repairer – $24.63/hour
Robot Technician – $24.91/hour
Medical Equipment Repairers – $21.43/hour

Benefits of Choosing Lawson State for Your Program:

Personal Attention: The student-faculty ratio is one of the more desirable in higher education. At Lawson State Community College, you’ll enjoy extraordinary access to professors, resources, and opportunities.  Opportunities: Classes are delivered through in-class lectures and hands-on laboratory assignments. 

Award Types:

Two Short Certificates – Industrial Electronics and Electrical
Long Certificate – Industrial Electronics
Associates in Applied Science Degree – Industrial Electronics


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