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Why Heating, Cooling, Ventilation and Refrigeration? 

Think about it …….can you name one area or industry that doesn’t rely on some form of Heating, Cooling, Ventilation and Refrigeration? A HVAC mechanic/installer can be found in industrial maintenance type of employment; they will be found in the construction industry, automotive industry, Medical/ Pharmaceutical, and retail/wholesale industries. opportunities .

Click the "Job Outlook" bar to look up the Department of Labor Statistics on your select field of interest.  What does your future career pay?  What are the job prospects?  Are you attempting to study a "high demand" job?  Find out.     

According to the most current report from the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth in the HVACR industry is on the rise. In several different states there is also an opportunity for self employment in the HVACR industry. The HVACR industry employee need is growing.   


MISSION:  The mission of the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration program is to prepare students to successfully install service and troubleshoot HVACR systems.  As HVACR technicians, graduates will be skilled in both commercial and residential service.

The Air Conditioning/Refrigeration program’s instructional process begins with the fundamentals of refrigeration and electricity.  Once these courses are mastered, students will take advanced courses in a sequence that fits their individual interest.  Each course offers specific skills and knowledge needed by technicians on the job.  Students receive assignments and job sheets through each phase of study and all hands-on learning occurs on industry standard equipment.

This program offers four awards in which students can earn one or more of the following: an A.O.T. degree option, one certificate, one short-certificate, and one short-certificate with major appliance repair specialty.   

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