Toyota T-TEN (AST)

T-TEN is a world-renowned technical training program with a proven record of placing thousands of Toyota and Lexus certified technicians in well-paid dealership positions. This program is 5 semester long and leads to a Toyota technician certifications with an Associate Degree in Applied Science. Our automotive classes are supported by Toyota and the students will obtain certifications for each area of study. Graduates can be Master certified and have a high paying career established by the time they graduate! Students are paired up with their local Toyota dealership. There they will apprentice with a Master Technician and begin to hone their craft. Students alternate between 8 weeks on-campus classes and 8 weeks paid work-apprenticeships. Our world class facility is ready, are you? Contact us to find out more. 

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Allen Lamb
Lawson State Toyota (T-TEN) Coordinator/Instructor
Office: (205) 434-1829

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