General Motors ASEP

The GM ASEP training program has combined state of the art automotive service, appropriate academic coursework, and real world internship experiences to give students the best possible preparation for a career as an automotive technician.GM ASEP teaches exclusively on current GM products. GM ASEP incorporates advanced automotive technical training with a strong academic foundation of math, reading, and electronics, and both analytical and technical skills. GM ASEP is a joint effort between GM, GM dealers, ACDelco Professional Service Center Program Member, and select colleges across the United States, Canada, China, and Ecuador.

As a student in GM ASEP you would alternate between the classroom and hands on work experience at a sponsoring GM dealership. This unbeatable combination of school and work reinforces the technical knowledge gained while in college. Upon graduation, you will earn an Associates Degree in Automotive Technology (or similar), resulting in a solid education combined with invaluable work experience. Any Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, or ACDelco Professional Service Centers is eligible to sponsor GM ASEP students.

Since 1979, GM's committed to supporting GM ASEP colleges and has produced over 15,000 automotive service technicians.

Graduate With A Degree

While many traditional automotive programs only provide automotive skills, GM ASEP does more. At every GM ASEP college you will earn an Associate in Applied Science Degree (or similar). This degree will enable you to advance your career path. All GM ASEP graduates also receive extensive credit towards GM or ACDelco certification, thus making them more valuable to their employers.

Earn GM Certification

As a GM ASEP student you will complete between 80-100% of the GM training required to become a GM certified technician. The more you train, the more valuable you become as an employee. High Tech High Skill Career Repairing today's complex vehicles requires a high degree of skill. GM ASEP will prepare you for this high tech career. Because of our relationship with General Motors, GM ASEP students are training on vehicles with the latest technology both at college and while on their internship. This high level training will give you an edge in today's competitive workplace.

A Career With A Future

Let's face it times are tough. While many jobs are being outsourced in America, automotive technician is one career that cannot be outsourced. Once accepted into a GM ASEP, you will be interning with an employer who is interested in employing you upon graduation. While no program or college can guarantee a job, most GM ASEP graduates gain employment at their sponsoring employer after graduation. In fact, many GM ASEP colleges report 100% placement upon graduation.

College That Pays For Itself

At GM ASEP we know how hard it is to set aside money to pay for your college education. At most GM ASEP college's student internship wages will cover the cost of their tuition. You are left without the burden of a college loan to repay upon graduation.

Work Directly with Local Sponsors

One of the best aspects of the GM ASEP program is that you get the opportunity to work directly with a local GM dealership or ACDelco Professional Service Center during your education. Half of your time with GM ASEP will be spent at your sponsoring worksite and you will be paid for your time spent there. You can work with your local GM ASEP college instructors to help secure a sponsor. Your sponsor will serve as the location for your hands-on training and should provide employment opportunities after you graduate.

Earn On-The-Job Experience

Because of this unique involvement with your sponsor, you will gain valuable insights into the logistics of the shop. You will also learn "tricks of the trade" that will make you faster, thus enabling you to earm more after you graduate. The GM ASEP internship structure gives the opportunity to earn more than many of your peers who only have classroom experience.

We challenge you to find another program that offers so much for so little.

Meet the GM ASEP Faculty

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