The NUR 201 Mobility applicants must have graduated from Lawson State Community College PN program and return within two years of

Mobility students are additionally required to provide
proof of unencumbered, Alabama licensure (i.e. LPN).  No work history is required.  Prerequisites required for Mobility program application: ACT score of 18 or higher, successful completion (grade of "C" or higher) in  ENG 101, MTH 100 or higher level math, BIO 201 & 202, SPH 106 or 107, PSY200, and PSY 210.   Please note that meeting minimum qualifications DOES NOT guarantee admission into Lawson's Nursing Program.  Apply to nursing school is a competitive process.

Note: Lawson State has suspended admission to the NUR 200 Mobility program and to non graduates of LSCC PN program.