Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program (DMS)

The Diagnostic Medical Sonography program prepares individuals, under the supervision of physicians, to utilize medical ultrasound techniques to gather sonographic date used to diagnose a variety of conditions and diseases.  The program includes instruction in obtaining, reviewing, and integrating patient histories and data; patient instruction and care; anatomic physiologic and pathologic data recording; sonographic data processing, sonography equipment operation; and professional standards and ethics. Emphasis with the Lawson State Community College sonography program will focus on cardiac sonography.


Watch the informational video below (produced by the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography ) to learn more about this exciting career. 

Important UPDATED Facts You Should Know:

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How Long is the Program?  2 years.
What courses need to be completed prior to application? See the application link below.  All classes and requirements are listed on the first page. 
Do I have to pass a certification test upon graduating:  Yes
Once I apply, am I automatically accepted:  No.  Acceptance is competitive and based on a ranking system of
your scholastic and academic past performance.
How do I apply?  Complete the DMS Application (below) and submit it (along with all required documents
outlined in the directions) by the pre-set deadline.
What if I miss the deadline?  You need to wait until the next deadline date to apply.
Are seats limited? Yes.  Seats are limited in each co-hort. We take less than 20 students per co-hort.
Will I have to pass a background check?  Yes.  If you are admitted the program, you will have to pass a
background check.
Is this program eligible for Pell Grant students?   Yes. 
Is this program eligible for WOIA students? Yes
Are there Essential Functions I need to be cleared to perform?  Yes.  See your application for more information.
Is there a minimum GPA I need to apply?  Yes.  2.5
Does this program have a sonography focus?  Yes...on the heart, echo.
Do I need an ACT score to apply?  Yes.  It must be 18 or higher.  Need ACT Prep Help for Free?  Click Here
Do I have to be a certain age to apply?  Yes.  18 or older.
Are there certain courses I need to take before applying?  Yes. See the application below.

APPLICATION DEADLINE FOR ADMITTANCE:  The DMS application is Open.  The application deadline is May 15, 2024. Classes begin August 2024. 

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NOTE:  As with any competitive selection process, meeting minimum qualifications to apply to the DMS Programs DOES NOT guarantee admission.  Students are selected based on academic record and demonstrated scholastic aptitude and are competing for spots in the program. Preference will be given to applicants who have all prerequisite course work completed and  required ACT results at time of application.

Decisions related to program admission are NOT discussed with applicants.  Thus, you acknowledge by applying that you understand that you are entering a competitive selection process and acknowledge your understanding that NOT all applicants are selected.