Finish One of these Steps (below) to Complete Registration Based on How You are Paying (via Financial Aid or as a Cash Paying Student)


Click on the LINKS below for your Step-by-Step Guide-sheets on how to CLEAR your Unsatisfied Financial Aid Requirements and how to AUTHORIZE your Pell Grant (Title IV) to Pay Your Tuition and Fees.  These are REQUIRED Steps that ALL STUDENTS MUST COMPLETE!!!  We also have a tutorial on this topic, if you wish to view.  Click on "MyLawson Tutorials" to view.

New FALL 2022 Students or Reinstated Students: 
(Complete both steps below):

  Locating and Clearing Unsatisfied Financial Aid Requirements (Guide-sheet)
STEP 2:   Authorizing Your Financial Aid to Pay for Your Classes 

Returning Students (from fall 2022) Enrolling in Spring Classes 2023:  

If you attended Lawson State during the Fall  term and already went through the steps of CLEARING your Financial Aid Award, NO FURTHER ACTION IS NEEDED.  Your Financial Aid will automatically be authorized for this new Spring Term.  
NOTE:  Email all questions and/or ALL Requested documents to