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  1. Did you know your chances of graduating increase substantially if you take more credit hours per semester?
  2. Did you know you save money by taking more credit hours per semester?
  3. Did you know you can enter the work force much sooner or graduate with your 4-year degree much sooner if you take at least 15 credit hours per semester?
  4. Did you know that students who withdraw on their own, without seeking advisement from trained  staff, are less likely to graduate?

Don’t become a statistic and drop out of college.  We are committed to you graduating just like the previous class of LSCC graduates.  You can do it? 

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To sign the pledge, click on the image below to get started.  This will take less than 30 seconds of your time, but can make the world of difference in your commitment to graduate and continue on your path to greater success.

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