American with Disabilities Act (ADA)

As a faculty and staff member at Lawson State Community College, you are must adhere to all federal and state laws governing students with disabilities and privacy (related to all students).  Read the facts below and click on the ADA Compliance icon below and read all information related to ADA and your responsibilities as a faculty member.  Once done, take the quiz below.

Quick ADA Facts to Know as a Faculty Member

1.  ADA students are responsible for submitting their accommodation requests to you.

2. Accommodations should begin the very first day the accommodation sheet is in your possession.

3.  Accommodations should NEVER be challenged.  They should be adhered to.  If you have questions, see the ADA Counselor on either campus.

4.  If an accommodation is refused by a student, document their refusal to protect yourself legally.

5.  Maintain the privacy of a student.  Never discuss a student's accommodations with anyone other than the ADA Counselor.

6.  If another student asks why a student is being given an accommodation (i.e., additional time on a test; use of a calculator on an exam), use this standard statement:  "I appreciate your question, but I cannot discuss another student with you." 
Click:  ADA Compliance 

Employees in Need of Accommodations

If you have a documented need for an reasonable accommodation, Lawson State will be happy to assist.  Please contact the Human Resources Office at 205-929-6313 for immediate assistance.  Please, do not delay.

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